Chronic Illness

This page includes posts on my experiences and observations of Chronic Illness.

‘You Need to Stay Positive’

What Do You Do All Day?

Using Shop Mobility for the First Time

10 ‘Positives’ to Chronic Illness

You Don’t ‘Get Used To It’

Phrases I Wish People Wouldn’t Say

Gut Feeling

Asking HD Questions


Invisible Illnesses

Where’s the Hashtag?


Behind the Scenes of Chronic Illness

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse 

Awareness Campaigns

Test Results

Health Vs M.O.T

Having a Cold

My Husband’s Birthday

Why I have my Flu Jab

Mental Health & Chronic Illness

Stop Being So Judgemental

What you See on Facebook

Invisible Disabilities Week

Steroids Make You Hungry

I used to feel guilty about calling 999

My Hospital Bag

Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary 

Why Chronic Illness & Parenthood aren’t the Same

Anyone Can ‘Get Sick’

Where do you See Yourself in 5 Years?

The Illness Police

Why I like I’m a Celebrity

Cortisol & Stress Awareness Day



Weight Gain & Diet

Making a Happiness Jar

Winter Illness Season

Life Performance


Hydrocortisone Out Of Stock

Things I Miss from my ‘Old’ Life

Uncertainty (& Mountain Lions)

How I Try to Think About Illness

‘You Don’t Look Sick’

If I Could Trade One Symptom…

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Waiting for a Bus

Rest and Sleep Days

Low Carb High Fat Diet

Being Called a ‘Burden’ on the NHS

‘Therapy is Good But Make Sure You Have a Life Too’

Getting the Facts Right



Wednesday Didn’t Go As Planned: Hospital

After Hospital: Recovering

To the People Who Don’t ‘Believe’ Me About my Illness

Rare Disease Day

Phrases I Dislike About Chronic Illness

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Juggling Balls & Depression

Brain Fog

Mental Health

Things I Miss About Having a Job

Do you have Children?

Seeing a New Doctor

Independence & Needing a Babysitter


Junior Doctors


Disability Through the Eyes of a 2 Year Old

Planning a Weekend Away

Limits and Payback

‘Weren’t you scared?’


A Surprise Birthday Party

NHS and Private Healthcare

Going Away for the Weekend

Don’t Go Out if You’re Ill

Being an ‘Inspiration’


Consultants Aren’t Gods 

A Rant About Disabled Parking

‘I couldn’t have asked for better care’

Being Kind to Myself

Please don’t make decisions for me

Clothes Shopping 

Emotions and Sealions

Illness Burnout

Keep Calm and Carry on Makes Invisible Illness Hard

It’s Never ‘Just a cold’

Having to Prove What Others Can’t See

Tricky Talking Points with Chronic Illness

Waiting to Do Tests


‘You managed X so why can’t you manage Y?’

Mental Heath and Chronic Illness 

Communicating with Other People

Getting Anxious about Consultant Appointments

Why Chronic Illness is a bit like being in prison

What ‘I’m Tired’ means to me

When your doctor can’t ‘fix you’