Temperature Scarf: March

March was a bit crazy weather wise! We had snow storms or ‘beast from the east’ but we also had some pretty mild temperatures!

My temperature scarf is a woolly record of the daily top temperatures for Coventry, U.K., based on this colour scheme:

I said in my February post that it is not my neatest crochet work, mostly because I do it every morning in the time it takes my tablets to start working, so I’m not with it!

I went back to single crochet for March. Here’s what it looked like:

On the days where there’s white and purple or white and blue it’s because it was both snowy and that temperature! Although, if I’m being honest, it’s mostly because I wanted to use purple but wouldn’t be able to if I just used plain white to represent snow… Then we had a few days of the same blues before more snow! Some milder temperatures and then it got cold again. It did try to snow, but only flakes, none settles on the ground.

Here’s what it looks like in comparison to January and February:

A lot more varied in colour than the other 3 months! Hopefully April should bring some warmer temperatures, meaning I can get the next colour up out!


March’s Makes

March was a bit of a weird month. I was looking back through my photos and it doesn’t look like I’ve done as much crocheting as in previous months. I spent about 2-3 weeks asleep and not feeling great which seriously hampered my crocheting speed. But I actually had the most successful week in terms of sales in March as well! Here’s what I made:

The shamrock pins I made last month were selling pretty well so I added some key rings to my shop, which also did well.

I had a custom order for a Fox. This was pretty interesting to make because I was given a picture to work off and I didn’t have a pattern. Usually when I make animals, I have free rein so can imagine the design myself, so it was a (good) challenge to work in a slightly different way. I was happy with the result 🙂

I was asked to make an otter for a birthday present. It was a bit tricky to work out how he should be positioned because otters spend a lot of time swimming! I went for he swimming on his back look in the end.

One of my night time blankets was this heart stitch baby blanket. I learnt heart stitch for Valentine’s Day and decided it was cute and would look good as a baby blanket.

I started crocheting clothes for preemie babies. You can read why I started doing this in this blog post. Here are a few more:

I also made some preemie and micro preemie hats and booties:

All of my preemie baby items will have a contribution made to Bliss or The Sick Children’s Trust as part of the listing.

Another charity thing I did was make some boobs for an infant feeding team.

Bit of a random make, but they help new mums out.

I learnt tulip stitch for Mother’s Day originally and then decided to design my own baby blanket using it and block colours. I also published the pattern on Ravelry (crochet and knitting pattern site) last week and it’s already had 50 downloads.

Mother’s Day, Spring and Easter mean I’ve sold a fair few daffodil badges and bunches of daffodils.

And also a few creme egg chick covers, although not as many as I thought I would!

I lost my coin purse of about 10 years and was pretty annoyed with myself. Until I realise I could take the opportunity to design my own!

I put that pattern on ravelry too. And that’s what I made in March! In April, I plan to think about some more accessories and gift ideas, because even though I love sunshine, there is absolutely no need for handmade, crocheted warm weather clothes!

Crocheting Baby Clothes for Preemies & Tiny Babies

**links if you’d like to make a donation or buy some of my preemie baby clothes are at the bottom of this blog**

I recently started making clothes for premature babies and selling them in my Etsy shop to raise money for charity. I was a premature baby in the 1980s (5 weeks early) and my niece was born last year prematurely at 29 weeks. Here she is:

For babies born anything more than a couple of weeks before their due date, they tend to come unexpectedly. Obviously you know you will have a baby at some point. But no one seriously thinks that they’ll have a baby at just over half way through their pregnancy. And even if you’ve been admitted to hospital for a couple of days before a doctor decides to induce or do a C-section, you’re still not ready. So you’re not necessarily prepared either mentally and practically.

All of the things you’ve read or learnt about in pregnancy classes don’t happen. You’re told that the bit immediately after giving birth is important bonding time for you and your baby. The reality is, you and/or your baby are seriously sick, so you’re lucky if you get to see them never mind get any skin to skin before they’re whisked away, probably intubated and plugged into a bunch of wires and then taken to the NICU where they’re put in a glass box (incubator). Already the mum is probably feeling like she’s failed as a parent because she’s not with her newborn and isn’t protecting them against the world.

Mum will probably have to wait to see their baby. Either because she’s sick herself, or infection control or because she can’t walk. Dad will be feeling torn between making sure their baby is ok and making sure his partner is ok, even though he can’t actually do anything for either. And if the couple have other children, it gets more complicated. Some NICUs don’t let young children on their wards. If you thought childcare while you’re in hospital giving birth to a full term baby is complicated, think about the complexities when the baby is early and you can’t just take the older kids with you.

So you can see within minutes of what’s supposed to be the happiest day of most people’s lives, it actually becomes the most stressful and terrifying. And baby classes don’t prepare you for medical emergencies and early babies. The nursing staff might be great but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ve just given birth, your hormones are crazy and confused because you can’t pick up your baby, you’re having to express breast milk to help your baby and feeding it down a tube but your body isn’t cooperating because it’s confused, you’ve barely touched your baby and you can’t give them much comfort through the hand holes in the incubator and most NICUs don’t really have windows so you have no idea if the clock on the wall is saying 3am or 3pm anymore.

Knowing all of this, there are charities which help parents who have premature babies and there are volunteers who make clothes and other comfort items for premature babies. For example, bonding squares are given to mums to put in their bra or near their skin and then later placed in the incubator so the baby can smell their mum. My niece has a purple bonding square here:

Or octopuses give the babies the same tactile feeling of the umbilical cord so they don’t pull on their many wires instead.

However, as one mum wrote on something I read recently ‘you can’t do anything for your baby, and you’re given a tiny wool square which is supposed to help you and your baby bond. I don’t want to sound ungrateful to the NICU staff or the volunteers who made them, but it isn’t the same.’ Some hospitals try to actively involve parents in their baby’s care, some don’t or the baby isn’t well enough. The hardest thing most parents find is leaving their baby for the first time after their birth usually while they go out for the evening. Imagine having to leave your baby every night, not really knowing if they’ll still be alive in the morning and hoping you don’t get a phone call.

How does all this fit into me making clothes for premature babies? Well, my point is you don’t have many choices as a parent about how you raise and look after your child at this stage. You can’t necessarily even decide when to change their nappy or do basic things parents do. But your baby might be able to wear clothes. And they will definitely need to be wearing hats. The whole goal of this experience is that baby will come home, albeit a lot smaller than what was expected, but home even so. So when the Mum or Dad is walking out of hospital at night, minus baby, trying to keep it together, if it were me, I’d be thinking of those things and wanting to have some control over something, like choosing my baby’s clothes.

There are lots of volunteers who make premature baby clothes, but, and I mean this with respect, a lot of those volunteers tend to make outdated or old fashioned clothes. Some people might say ‘well their baby is alive, they should be grateful’ and I imagine they are grateful! But there’s new evidence that says lots of NICU parents experience some form of PTSD (as do the babies) and if the only thing they have to focus on is ‘my baby is alive, I should be grateful’, that’s not going to help.

I found it so hard to buy clothes for my niece even when she was discharged from the hospital because she was still tiny. And, providing the baby is allowed to wear clothes and it doesn’t interfere with their care (eg infection risk/monitor placement), why shouldn’t parents of premature babies be able to choose ‘cute’, modern clothes in the same way other new parents can? That’s what I tried to think about when designing my premature baby clothes, as well as the practicalities. Here are some I’ve made so far:

For donations from any sales I make, I’ve chosen the charities Bliss, because they provide general support to parents and premature babies, and The Sick Children’s Trust because they helped provide accommodation for my sister in law and brother while my niece was in hospital. This meant they could all stay, my nephew included, a few minutes away from her rather than an hour where they lived, and it kept them together as a family.

My niece is doing really well now. She still has occasional check ups for her heart condition but considering we were told she wasn’t going to survive at one point, she’s doing amazingly 🙂 . Here she is now, just before her first birthday:

Visit my OkThenWhatsNextCraft Etsy shop

V isit Paypal to make a one off contribution to my PayPal and I’ll make a donation on your behalf to Bliss or The Sick Children’s Trust

Photos shared with permission 🙂

Temperature Scarf: February

I decided at new year to make a temperature scarf, which is a woolly record of the daily top temperature for an entire year. You can read my January update here .

This is the colour chart I’m working from:

January was pretty mild, February was pretty much the same temperature the whole time. Here’s what February looked like overall:

Pretty much royal blue, 6-9 degrees the whole time with the odd dip into the navy blue and a lighter blue. I was desperate for some purple, which is the coldest on my blanket! Finally, in the last couple of days, we had some cold temperatures. And snow. I was a bit reluctant to use white yesterday rather than purple, but as I woke up and there were already flakes floating about and snow on the ground, I thought I better document it. Today, on the other hand, there was just a smattering of yesterday’s snow. So I went back to purple today! Plus I felt a top temperature of -1 definitely deserved purple!

I opted to change stitch so that I could see where it changed from January to February. Instead of just normal single crochet, I single crocheted through the back loop, which gives it a bit of a ridge. With hindsight, this only really works properly if you do the same colour for a couple of rows because some of the colours get ‘lost’, but I quite liked the stitch and it means it looks slightly different on each side.

I hate weaving in ends. But they were getting a bit ridiculous. So I decided to weave them in now rather than having 365 days worth.

This then highlighted how wonky my crocheting is before my tablets kick in! Half the reason I do the temperature scarf in the morning is because I have a period of time where I have to sit still and do nothing while I’m waiting for my medications to start working. Otherwise I’m a walking disaster. Except it’s clearly obvious that my coordination and skill aren’t great at this time of the morning when you see how dodgy the raw edges of this scarf are:

It’s terrible! I can crochet straight lines, I promise! Look, here’s a blanket I made which is neat!

It didn’t help that the change in stitch also changed the tension, and I’m also pretty sure that I forgot which size hook I was using at some point. I think I’ll go back to straight single crochet for March. Here’s a comparison shot for January and February temperatures:

In theory, I should be using more light blue from now on as we get into spring. But, this is the U.K. and we’ve had heat waves in March and snow in May before, so we shall see!

What I Made in February

I had a pretty busy month in January, both in terms of creating things and orders wise. In February, I had a similar amount of orders but I didn’t feel too spritely for 3 weeks or so, so I kind of slacked off coming up with new ideas slightly. Nevertheless, I don’t think I did too badly!

**shameless plug- have a look at my Etsy shop!Visit my OkThenWhatsNextCraft Etsy shop **

I finished 2 blankets and started a third during February, all baby blankets. This one was a custom order:

I loved the colour scheme of it. So much so, I decided to buy some more wool and do a slight variation with sunshine yellow as the main colour. Not for anyone in particular, just for my Etsy shop!

The third blanket, which I’m still working on, is a heart stitch blanket.

I learnt heart stitch after thinking ‘it’s Valentine’s Day, I should crochet something with hearts!’ and decided to make this hair wrap/Band:

Then I got a bit obsessed by colour changes and different stitches so designed and made a baby cocoon and matching hat with a bow detail.

Somewhere in the back of my brain, it registered that the Six Nations Rugby had started and St Patrick’s day is coming up in March. So I decided to add to the daffodil and red rose badges I already made in January and include a shamrock:

And a thistle:

For Ireland and Scottish fans, respectively. No one can say I wasn’t being impartial!

These were actually more popular than I thought and I sold a few! So I started experimenting with some other shapes. Being a music lover, a treble clef made sense:

As did a quaver

Then the weather forecast started saying it was due to get cold again and suddenly people started buying hats! So I made some more to replace the stock I’d sold out.

I also got a custom order request for a super soft bunny ears hat. The request was based on a hat she’d bought previously, which was knitted rather than crocheted. So I had the opportunity to get my knitting needles out again!

I’m definitely a lot slower knitting than I am crocheting though. But the hat was quite cute so I decided to make a crocheted version for babies too.

Creme eggs are back in the shops again, except I can’t eat any which is traumatic! But it occurred to me that Easter is pretty soon ish and creme egg or chocolate egg covers tend to sell quite well according to other crocheters and are popular novelty gifts. So I made a chick version

And that sums up my February crocheting/knitting escapades! I did enjoy learning heart stitch and experimenting with using it and other stitches in projects, but I think my favourite thing about February was using the super soft polyester yarn for the bunny ears hat. I’d not worked with it before so it made a change. I also enjoyed experimenting with different colours more this month, like in the baby blankets, as I was given a bit more free reign about colour choices with custom orders.

What I Crocheted in January

I’d been making snowflakes and elves and other Christmas related gifts and items since about September, so when the Christmas orders ended, I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands! January is always a quiet month for any business, because no one has any money to spend, but I was pleasantly surprised that I still was quite busy!


**shameless plug- have a look at my Etsy shop!Visit my OkThenWhatsNextCraft Etsy shop **

Two custom make blankets completed, some charity daffodils and twiddle muffs, some hair slides sold from stock, and, possibly the most random request I’ve had, marmalade sandwiches and a jar of marmalade for my friend. Which turned out to be really fun to make!

Part of the thing I love about crocheting is being able to be a bit creative, since that’s what I miss most about having stopped working and playing music. So I used the time in January to try out some new designs and play around with ideas.

heart hanging dice

I made my husband some fluffy dice for christmas as a joke, and then one of my friends pointed out that love heart fluffy dice might be good for Valentine’s Day. So I gave it a go, and was quite pleased with the result! I think they can be a pretty good all year round decoration, not just Valentine’s Day.

heart hanging decoration red

Then I decided that people might like hanging decorations in general and personalisation with initials is always a big hit with most people. So I made a mock up so that I could put some in my Etsy shop. I was having a bit of a slow day when I made this- I actually was intending to make a ‘J’ as in the first initial of my niece’s name, Jenna, but I’m apparently not too great at my letters because I sewed it on the wrong way and it looks like an ‘L’. Which coincidentally works because my nephew is called Luke. So that’s the story I’ve been telling people anyway 😉

rose brooch red

I sold Poppies for the British Legion in November, and they proved really popular. I thought people would stop buying them after poppy season ended, but I’m still selling some. I thought about what other flowers people might like and opted for a coiled rose badge or brooch which people might buy for Mother’s Day.

Then my friend (the same one as before) suggested making crocheted rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Brilliant idea! I thought about it a bit and decided that a green pipe cleaner would be easier to post and display rather than a green cocktail skewer, which is what other people seemed to use. A bit of experimenting with the glue gun and a trip to Hobbycraft resulted in this:


I thought they were cool so now we have some in a vase in our living room. A few Welsh friends mentioned that they’d like daffodil badges for St David’s Day in March, so I had a go at those too:


And also some bouquets of daffodils- they’re a nice, Spring flower, and they might be good gifts for Mother’s Day.


I decided to make the daffodil badges with a charity donation in mind as well. It’s also the symbol of Marie Curie, but St David’s Day celebrations in Wales are a big thing, and there’s a race and fundraising weekend in Cardiff to support Welsh charities. One of those charities this year is Cancer Research Wales. So when people decide to buy a daffodil badge, they can choose which charity the donation goes to, and then I donate to those charities at the end of each month. I haven’t sold as many as the poppies, but it is still January after all!

Another charity donation item I added to my shop is a pair of twiddle muff wrist warmers. Brenda, one of my followers on Facebook, suggested that the wrist warmers I made for myself at Christmas could also be used as twiddle muffs. I did a bit more research and thought about how I wanted to design them and produced these:


I made the charity link Alzheimer’s Society UK because my Grandma had Alzheimer’s for 10 years before she died last year, but the mittens would be good for any condition or individual who feels comforted by having something sensory to fiddle with. These ones sold super quickly- I think they’d only been live in the shop for 3 hours before they were sold! I plan on making more though.


At Christmas, I made snowman coasters which proved really popular so thought the same might be the case for Valentine’s Day. I saw a pattern for a Granny Square style love heart and thought that would be easily adapted to make coasters, and it was!

I then used the same pattern to make Valentine’s Day cards.


You can remove the heart and sew it to other things or use it to accessorise bags or scarves or coats. It’s something a bit different to a normal card. Plus I haven’t written any really sappy messages inside – you can do that yourself if that’s your thing! 😉 (it’s not my style!)


I made this love bug hanging decoration one day for a bit of fun. It looked cute and I needed cheering up, so he served his purpose!


I like to make blankets in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Blankets are good because they’re repetitive, take very little concentration and you can pick them up and put them down easily. This one doesn’t have an intended recipient, I just liked the stitch pattern when I was looking through pinterest one day so decided to make a baby blanket in blue! It hasn’t been blocked yet, that’s why it’s slightly wobbly on the border.


I didn’t make this in January alone, but I did finish it in January. I made it as a playmat/blanket gift for my friends’ new baby. I wrote a post about it here.


I didn’t know the gender of the baby until it was born, so made a pink sparkly penguin when I found out she was a girl. I love this wool!


Booties and baby hat sets have been on my list for a while for things to make but I haven’t had the time to experiment with designs properly. January was that time! I’d never made booties before, but they weren’t as hard as I thought they’d be. The problem I had was that I didn’t like the way they were turning out e.g. the shape was funny or the cuff wasn’t right. So a few adaptions later and some animal features, I managed to make some I was happy with.


Someone told me Easter was early this year, so I thought I should experiment with some Easter gift ideas before I got potentially more busy with Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day orders. I thought these baskets were pretty cute. And they can hold chocolate eggs!

I also had 2 custom orders for blankets this month- one baby size and one single bed-kind-of-size length.



I love the colours in both- I was quite sad to see them leave me!

I’ve still got a fair few things on my list of ‘things I want to try to make’ so I’ll hopefully get round to trying some more ideas in February! I think the thing I’m most proud of having made this month is the animal blanket for my friends- it was a challenge but pretty fun at the same time.

If you’ve seen something which you like the look of, you can message me for a custom order, find me on facebook/twitter/instagram as @okthenwhatsnext or have a look at my Etsy shop here: Visit my OkThenWhatsNextCraft Etsy shop 

january what i made.JPG

Credit for patterns used:

Easter Baskets: Hello Yellow Yarn
Bear Booties/Hat: my design
Coiled rose: Attic 24
Granny Square Heart: Crochet Tea Party/some adaptations
Daffodils: Attic 24
Twiddle Muff Wrist Warmers: my own design
Baby Blue Blanket: Arcade Stitch, Wool and the Gang
Pink Penguin: Amigurumi Today
Love Bug: Lily Sugar n Cream
Marmalade Sandwiches/Jar: My design
Neat Ripple Blanket: Attic 24
Love Heart Hanging Dice/decorations: adapted from Bella Dia’s tutorial

Temperature Scarf: January

I decided that I’d make a temperature scarf for 2018 and wrote a blog post about it here. The gist of it is you crochet or knit a row with a colour which corresponds to whatever the temperature is for that day. Here the the colours and temperatures I worked out:

temperature scarf 2

I changed it slightly because we actually had two days of snow, and I wanted something to represent that! So I added white in for snow days. I’m a bit sad I haven’t got to use purple yet, but I quite like how it looks so far:


We’ve had a pretty mild January! Mostly between 6-9 degrees, but we also had a couple of days where it was 13 degrees because I *nearly* had to get the light light blue out. But not quite.

Aside from it looking pretty and it giving me something to do while I’m waiting for my cup of tea to cool down enough to drink, it’s actually proving quite interesting. I wonder what February will look like!

Making an Animal Blanket

Or more of a play-mat type thing I guess. My friend got pregnant and I wanted to make her and her husband something a bit different for their baby. They chose not to find out the gender of the baby, so I opened Pinterest for inspiration and saw a zookeeper blanket, which was (unsurprisingly) a blanket with lots of zoo animals. Then I thought about making it a granny square blanket and sewing an animal on for each letter of the alphabet. I wanted it to be bright, but not knowing the gender of the baby meant I couldn’t do the typical blues for a boy or pinks for a girl, but part of the reason I liked the animal idea was because the blanket itself could be quite plain but the animals could be colourful.

So I dragged my husband to Hobbycraft and chose grey and white wool for the main squares. I missed out learning how to make granny squares when I first started to crochet, because I originally started so I could make animals for my charity blog so it was also a bit of a challenge for me. Some of the squares aren’t perfectly shaped, but I don’t think their baby will mind 😉 I decided on 4 squares along and 7 squares down, which left me with 2 squares spare, which I put the letters A and Z on.


Thinking of animals is actually quite hard for every letter of the alphabet, and it probably took just as long thinking of the animals as it did making the blanket! Especially because I had to be able to crochet them as well. I’ve done a lot of 3D animals, but appliqué animals was new to me, so some didn’t work as well as others and I relied heavily on other people’s patterns rather than being able to make up my own like I can with 3D animals now. I also wasn’t convinced I’d be very good at sewing the granny squares together, but actually that proved quite easy thanks to a really good Attic 24 tutorial. I’ve written where I got the pattern from for each animal as well.

Here’s my alphabet animal blanket!


A- Alligator: Repeat Crafter Me


B- Bear: Didn’t Anyone Tell Me


C- Cat: Trifles n Treasures


D- Dog: Repeat Crafter Me


E- Elephant: I haven’t written this one down, so can’t give credit sorry :\


F- Fish: My Crochet Projects


G- Giraffe: Repeat Crafter Me


H- Hedgehog: Repeat Crafter Me


I- Iguana: Repeat Crafter Me


J- Jellyfish: Damn It Janet Let’s Crochet


K- Kangaroo: Repeat Crafter Me


L- Lion: I made this one up myself


M- Manta Ray: I also made this one up myself


N- Nightingale: Repeat Crafter Me


O- Owl: Repeat Crafter Me


P- Penguin: Repeat Crafter Me


Q- Queen Bee: Repeat Crafter Me


R- Rabbit: Repeat Crafter Me


S-Squirrel: Maria’s Blue Crayon


T- Turtle: Repeat Crafter Me


U- Unicorn: Fave Crafts


V- Viper: Repeat Crafter Me


W- Whale: Repeat Crafter Me


X- X- Ray Fish: Repeat Crafter Me


Y- Yak: Repeat Crafter Me


Z- Zebra: Repeat Crafter Me



I decided a pink and green border wasn’t too girly or boy-y either way. I made the error of sewing the squares together first and then sewing the animals on afterwards. This made it really awkward, but I was having issues visualising it all in my head. I did actually change some of the animals and colours once I realised where they were all going so it did help in that respect. I quite enjoyed making the different animals and watching it grow from one lonely alligator all the way down to zebra!

New Year, New Project: Temperature Scarf

I was flicking through Instagram and saw a post by Repeat Crafter Me about how they’d always liked the idea of a temperature blanket as a year long project. How cool! The gist of it is, every day you crochet based on the temperature for that day. Some people do granny squares, others stripes. It doesn’t really matter how you do it. But investing in wool for a blanket would be really expensive, and also a bit daunting- what if I missed a day? Then I’d never catch up. Then I saw someone on Pinterest doing the same thing with a scarf (yes, I spend most of my day stalking crochet people on social media!). A scarf is doable, isn’t much in terms of yarn and it wouldn’t take that long to catch up if I missed a day because I was busy. Or let’s face it- the most likely reason I’d miss a day would be because I was in hospital!

Here’s a photo of the scarf idea I found, from Repeat Crafter Me.


So I had a look at the temperatures and decided to re-think them for our climate here in Coventry, UK. We very rarely have temperatures below -6 and above 32, but we do have a lot of temperatures falling into the blue shades. Which might get a bit boring if it’s the same colour blue for every day. I came up with these as my temperatures.

temperature scarf 2.jpeg

I gave it to my husband to check to make sure I hadn’t done anything stupid. Either he’s as stupid as I am, or he really doesn’t pay much attention to any of my crochet ventures (probably the latter), because he declared it was fine. Except it wasn’t- I’d written 7-13 for the 4th colour from the right, which obviously wouldn’t work. Thankfully I noticed this on day 3, so could just redo the 3 days of the year so far. It’s a good job I noticed early on and not in March or something!

I told my husband about his lack of observation skills and he kind of did his eye roll thing (meaning- ‘jesus, you’re showing me crochet stuff I don’t care about). Then he asked ‘how will you decide what the temperature is though?’

Good point! Some people do it based on the temperature at the time they sit down to do it, some people do it based on the top temperature for the day. I decided that my time for doing the scarf would be immediately after breakfast, when I have to sit still for at least half an hour and not move until my tablets and food have all kicked in. Which is a great way of making sure I do it every day, but it does mean that the temperatures would all be the same for a lot of the stripes. My mum bought my husband a google box thing for christmas, which if I say ‘good morning’ to it when I come downstairs, it turns on the lights and tells me the weather. Including the top temperature! Bingo. That’s how I’ll do it then. And google knows everything!

So I’ve been doing it for about 7 days, today is the 8th day and I’ve had a nice spectrum of all the blues so far.


If it snows again I might do a white row. For now, I’ve just been doing 50 single crochet every day, but I saw someone else do a different stitch for each month, so you could differentiate between them, so I might experiment. I’m quite enjoying it so far! I shall keep you posted 🙂