Week 3: Advent Challenge

This Advent I was joining the Bible Society with their Advent Challenge, focussing on the true meaning of Christmas. Here’s how I got on in the third and final week: 

Day 15: offer to do something someone else would usually do. I tried really hard to load the dishwasher for my husband that day- he usually does everything for me because I can’t. However, after watching me do it over the course of about 2 hours (lots of breaks) he eventually said ‘I appreciate the gesture but it would be so much easier if I just did it myself!’. It made us both laugh anyway! 

Day 16: recycle as much as you can. We recycle a lot anyway so this wasn’t much of a challenge. 

Day 17: write a list of 10 things you are thankful for. I enjoyed this challenge and wrote a separate post about it here.

Day 18: teach someone a skill you have. We had some Christmas crackers which had handbells in them for our Christmas meal with friends. I guess I helped a bit with my music teacher background.

Day 19: talk to someone about what Christmas means to you. I’ve actually done this a lot this advent. This year has made me take a step back and realise what’s important, particularly at Christmas. So I ended up talking to a few people.

Day 20: ask someone how they are rather than just jumping straight in with what you want/need. This is actually one of my pet hates- lots of people I know use or exploit people for what they can get out of them and then don’t care in return. If someone does something for me I always thank them and/or buy them lunch/coffee so we can chat. 

Day 21: invite someone lonely over or take them cake. This one was slightly more difficult because I’m probably classed as the ‘lonely’ one in my circle of friends since I can’t leave the house by myself, and we don’t know anyone elderly locally. So I decided to teach our to people who seemed lonely on social media and offer support that way (and virtual cake). 

Day 22: plan to do some of the Bible challenge things in 2017. Coincidentally, I’d already decided I would do this earlier in the week. Now I definitely will! 

Day 23: phone someone who might be alone over Christmas. Again, most people we know have plans over Christmas. But I’ll continue to chat to people on social media. 

Day 24: finish your preparation early and bin your to do list- spend time with family or God instead. I plan on spending some quality time with my husband later today. 

I enjoyed the challenge. Some things weren’t necessarily any different from what I usually do, but it was nice to have a different theme for each day and to be thinking more consciously about the meaning of Christmas. 

10 Things I’m Grateful For

Yesterday’s advent challenge with the Bible Society was write 10 things you’re grateful for. So I thought I’d share:

1. Hydrocortisone. It keeps me alive. 

2. My husband.

3. My friends.

4. Nutella. This sounds a bit random but I’ve had to make changes to my diet depending on which theory the dietitians are running with. Currently we’re back on low carb. But Nutella has always been on the lists of food I’m allowed to eat. And it’s sometimes the only type of chocolate I should eat. 

5. My sense of humour. I’m the ‘get pissed off about it and then laugh about it’ type of person. I don’t think I’d have survived the last few years without my sense of humour. 

6. Tv/Netflix. I watch tv all day and most of the night when I can’t sleep. 

7. Living in the U.K. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere facing civil war. I get free medical care. I had an education. Our laws aren’t sexist. Lots of reasons to be grateful for living here.

8. My house. I have a warm, safe house with electricity and running water.

9. My iPhone. This rules my life. It has all my alarms, reminders, calendar, photos on it. I can talk to people when I want through various forms. I’d be stuck without it because I wouldn’t be able to function. 

10. Creativity. Apart from watching tv I try to challenge my brain by using the creative side. I like being able to think of new ideas and try them out.