Adrenal Insufficiency

This page contains blog posts relating to Adrenal Insufficiency and my experiences of living with it:

Why Living With a Rare Illness Is Hard

10 Ways to Manage Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal Insufficiency & Adrenal Crisis

How to Help Someone in an Adrenal Crisis

The Short Synacthen Test

Baselines & The Day Curve Test

Stress Dosing & Sick Day Rules

Fatigue & A New Baseline

The Prolonged Glucose Tolerance Test

‘Steroid Guilt’


A Day in the Life of Adrenal Insufficiency 


Asking HD Questions


Energy and Mood


Gut Feeling

Phrases I Wish People Wouldn’t Say

Going Out and About

To My Paramedics

To The MAU Nurses

You Don’t ‘Get Used To It’

Travelling with Medical Conditions

Using Shop Mobility for the First Time

What Do You Do All Day?

‘You Need To Stay Positive’

Where’s the Hashtag


I. Hate. Tapering

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse 

Test Results

My Body

Having a Cold

My Husband’s Birthday

Why I have my Flu Jab

Fight or Flight

Mental Health and Chronic Illness

What You See on Facebook

Visiting my Parents

Invisible Disabilities Week

Steroids Make You Hungry

I used to feel guilty about calling 999

Stress Dosing For Illness

My Hospital Bag

Cortisol and Stress Awareness Day


Weight Gain & Diet

The Scary Bits of Adrenal Insufficiency 

Winter Illness Season


Hydrocortisone Out Of Stock

Things I Miss from my ‘Old’ Life

If I Could Trade One Symptom…

Rest and Sleep Days

Low Carb High Fat Diet

Under Vs Over Replacement

Getting the Facts Right



Wednesday Didn’t Go as Planned: Hospital

After Hospital: Recovering

To the People Who Don’t ‘Believe’ Me About My Illness

Reducing My Baseline

I Don’t Like My New Baseline

Rare Disease Day

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Brain Fog

Volunteering for Addison’s UK

Independence & Needing a Babysitter

Seeing a New Doctor

Startle Response

Junior Doctors


Having to use my emergency injection

‘Weren’t you scared?’

Limits and Payback


A Surprise Birthday Party

What a Difference 5mg Makes