Med scheduling

Tomorrow I start my thyroid trial. So I spent a bit of time on Thursday making sure I knew what to do with it/how to take it. I take a minimum of 25 tablets a day with varying doses of the same medications and 16-17 doses of inhalers/sprays per day. Some need to be taken at a specific time, taken with meals, others on an empty stomach, some with fluids, some without. So it’s complicated. My husband puts all my tablets in a dossett box for me because I was finding I couldn’t remember if I’d taken them or not. I also have an app on my phone which has all my meds scheduled, alarms when I’m supposed to take them and then if I don’t tell it I’ve taken them, it texts my husband so he can check to see if I’ve taken them or not. It’s pretty handy actually.

So, with the thyroid trial, my med scheduling looks like this:

6.30am: thyroid meds have to be taken an hour before I eat

7.30 steroids (time sensitive and with food) and morning meds.

12.30 lunchtime meds and steroids.

17.00: evening meds

20.30 stop drinking fluids

21.00 bedtime meds

21.30 night time spray (has to be taken an hour after I stop drinking)

I can start drinking fluids again at 5.30am.

Then I have to also factor in eating snacks at 10-11am, 2-3pm, 8-9pm and sometimes 11pm-12am for my reactive hypoglycaemia. I also eat at other times but those ones are important snack times. Plus I often increase my hydrocortisone steroids (different from my daily steroids).

I’ve kind of got used to it but it wasn’t until I was explaining to someone else about how my scheduling works that they said that it’s pretty complicated. There’s talk of putting me on a medication for osteoporosis which would involve sitting upright and taking it on an empty stomach which would be a bit of a faff! Fingers crossed I don’t need it though…


2 thoughts on “Med scheduling

  1. CosmicGypsy says:

    Almost looks like mine. Except I AM on the osteoporosis med. once a week, no other meds within 30 minutes, upright for two hours, the first med and taken before thyroid med. dr is allowing HC at that time though.


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