What I learnt from watching the sunrise

After being ill with Alzheimer's for a very long time, my Grandma died this week. So it wasn't unexpected and definitely kinder for her than living the way she was, but, you know, a family member died, so it's still sad.

I found myself awake for my usual 4am time (endocrine system usually wakes me up then). We were away on holiday in Devon with a beautiful view of the sea, so I decided to get up and watch the sunrise over the sea and Wales. Like lots of people do after someone dies, it got me thinking about the impact we leave on this planet once we die. I read somewhere once that people 'die' twice- firstly when they physically die, and again when the memory of that person dies as well e.g. the people who knew them either die too or 'forget'.

But what if you don't really know anyone? Or people don't talk about you to remember you? Does that mean the impact you had was nothing?

This is where the sunrise was quite timely. It was a beautiful sunrise as well, which helped! The most important thing which happens in our lives every day consistently is that the sun rises. Without it, plants wouldn't grow and we wouldn't have oxygen. Or we'd freeze to death. Or be depressed from not having any light. You get the idea. But hardly anyone notices it, except insomniacs and people awake at 4am like me. And even fewer acknowledge it or are grateful for it. But every day it pops up, does its thing and goes down in the evening.

I guess my point is that we might think we have very little impact on other people, but, actually, we still can without realising it. Seemingly small or routine things are actually the important things. Kind words or gestures which the giver might forget usually stick around the longest with the person receiving them. Random acts of kindness do make a difference.

So our impact might not be the same as JK Rowling losing billionaire status because she gave all of her money to charity kind of impact, but to someone somewhere, something very simple can have the same impact on someone as the sun rising has on the billions of people on this planet.


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