Synacthen Test Done :)

A few people have messaged me to wish me luck or ask how the test went, which is really kind, thank you 🙂 It's all done now, which I'm pretty relieved about I have to say!

After I wrote yesterday's post, I didn't really sleep much. Hilariously, one of the symptoms of low cortisol is fatigue and exhaustion but you can't necessarily sleep when you're low on cortisol. It's a bit like jet lag, you're tired but awake because your body clock is off. The other downside is if you're cortisol deficient, your body compensates with adrenaline surges instead, which make it doubly hard to sleep. Aside from that, I did end up with stomach ache and feeling really sick so spent a pretty rough night up and down with that. Usually I'd updose on Hydrocortisone, but that wasn't an option because of the test. So I ate a lot of ready salted crisps (AI patients crave salt when struggling) and drank a lot of Coke. Don't ask me why, but those things help if Hydrocortisone isn't an option. Not the healthiest of nights, but if I'd had sickness or a bad upset stomach then I'd have had to have abandoned the test, injected and gone to hospital anyway. So another compromise.

The doctor was really nice. She read out all the bloods they were doing as well as the synacthen, and then added on a couple I asked her to. There was one moment of panic where she said 'fasting panel' and I'd eaten breakfast, but it turned out the consultant had just got a bit tick happy with the boxes. Unlike last time, I took my morning HC dose immediately after the test- the endocrine nurse last time said I wasn't allowed to because it was past my scheduled time. This time I didn't bother asking and did it anyway. This helped a lot because it meant that I'd only really missed yesterday's evening dose, although my Total Daily Doses were all different.

Today I got home, got into bed and promptly crashed out. My husband woke me up to feed me some lunch and my lunchtime tablets and then I went back to bed again until about 4.30pm. I usually say 'can you check I'm still alive every now and then' on days like this. Now, I feel a bit like I do after I come out of hospital- sitting up is ok, Facebook stalking is ok, chatting is just about ok, doing anything else is a lot of effort so it's safer not to. I doubled my evening dose because I was feeling weak and sick and dizzy despite all my sleeping, and took a bit extra just now before bed so that I'll hopefully sleep properly. That way I'm hoping a slight increase now will avoid me having to stress dose for a week or so because my body didn't catch up and I pushed through it without extra hydrocortisone rather than letting it recover. Fingers crossed anyway!


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