So I’m 30… 30 things before 30

I had my 30th birthday in May, so it’s time to see how I got on with my 30 things before 30 list. Mine was never as ‘exciting’ as other people’s travel and adventure plans, but I wrote it after I had to stop working due to illness and needed something fun to focus on. I haven’t managed to complete all of it, mostly because of illness, but I think I’ve given it a good go!

1. Ride a horse. This isn’t physically possible for me to do anymore. However, a friend came to me in a dream and said that I should ride a carousel horse instead. So the next time I see a carousel, I shall ride a horse!

2. Go on a spa day. Again, not possible for me to do anymore. But a friend came over and did my nails for me (thank you!) which was pretty close and a nice treat! 🙂

3. Make a wearable piece of clothing. I have made headbands and worn them out in public.

4. Volunteer for a charity. I’ve done a lot of this in the past year, reindeer post for Post Pals, volunteering at the endocrine conference for Addison’s UK and setting up my own charity-based venture on my Out With Animals blog.

5. Go to a Christmas Market that isn’t just the one in Birmingham. I didn’t get out of the Midlands to a Christmas market, but I went to ones in Coventry, Solihull and Blenheim Palace as well as the one in Birmingham.

6. Sell at a craft fayre. Logistically, this wasn’t possible. However, I send the animals I make to people and have had a few requests for specific animals or gifts from friends. So I’m going to say I’ve completed it.

7. Go see a musical and stay the night in London. I’ve been to two concerts in the Royal Albert Hall but we didn’t stay over (too complicated). We had a lovely time!

8. Be a tourist in London. We were kind of touristy around the Albert Hall, but that was as much of a tourist as I got! Maybe sometime in the future I’ll manage this, but I’m not well enough right now.

9. Go for a picnic in a park or forest. We’ve done this a few times, although only got as far as eating ice cream in a forest! There’s something nice about picnics in the park.

10. Go punting. A friend offered to take me, but we couldn’t find a date that suited. It would be cool though!

11. Do yoga outside. I regularly do my physio outside. It’s not much and not a full yoga class but it’s a lovely way to start the day.

12. Make brioche. I’m now on a low carb diet, which means eating brioche isn’t the best idea. A friend and I were going to make it but it requires setting aside a few days for proofing and takes more effort than chucking ingredients in a bowl and mixing them, which I struggle to manage as it is!

13. Sleep in a yurt. This nearly happened for a friend’s hen party, but I wasn’t well enough to go.

14. Learn to play Sonata Pathetique mvt II all the way through. I can do this! (Kind of!)

15. Make my own fruit juice for breakfast. Mango and peach- it was good!

16. Practise Spanish in a real situation. I’ve chatted briefly in Spanish, taken part in Instagram photo challenges and done a tiny amount of reading. Plus I’ve watched a few tv programmes with Spanish in!


17. Go/watch ice skating. This is another ‘not possible’ ones.

18. Read the Harry Potter books in order. 

19. Make mojito ice lollies. I can’t tolerate alcohol right now so another one I couldn’t do.

20. Learn how to crochet. This was something I was certain I couldn’t do. But now I love it! I mainly make animals for my Out with Animals blog or blankets.

21. Re read a book in French. Reading is hard for me at the moment. But I did read half of Twilight in French and I’m most of the way through a satire book a friend bought me for my birthday. So two halves makes a whole book right?

22. Host a raclette party. We hosted lots of them!

23. Listen to BBC proms concerts. I really enjoyed doing that last summer so plan to do the same again this year 🙂

24. Record a song on GarageBand/logic. I purposefully haven’t done this. I know how to do it, I used to teach it. I can play many pop songs on many instruments to record it in. But I think it would make me feel sad that I’m not a teacher or a musician anymore and I don’t feel like I need to prove my ability to do it that much.

25. Play Pokemon Go. I’m not good at it but I’ve played!

26. Eat Tapas. I’ve done this a few times now. And my brother now owns and cooks in a Tapas bar! 

27. Visit a castle. We visited a lot in Wales. This one is my favourite.

28. Go to the seaside/beach and paddle. We nearly did this, but the weather was tornado like so we cancelled. I’m going to Devon in the summer though so hopefully will manage a paddle then!

29. Play in a band rehearsal. I very briefly played the triangle at a band reunion event, but that’s as far as I got. I did send Elgar the Elephant to help out on my behalf though…

30. Go to a carol service. I went to one in symphony hall. It was lovely!

Like I said in my previous updates, I’ve given myself a purple rating for ones which I now can’t do. A bit like what I used to give gcse kids if they weren’t meeting their target for reasons outside of their control. So with everything considered, I think I’ve done pretty well!

The final tally stands at: 5 not completed, 1 part completed, 21 completed and 3 purple/not able to complete. 

I really enjoyed doing the challenge, and part of me wants to make another list to complete in the year coming. Obviously I won’t be 30 again, but it was a great way of thinking of some fun things I wanted to do or achieve and making sure that they actually happen. I’ll have a think about what can go on my next list!


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