Final Update: 30 Foods Before 30

Well, I’m 30 now! So time to see how I got on with the 30 Foods before 30 challenge. It got slightly hampered by medical diets, but I tried the best I could!

1. Biscuits and Gravy. Didn’t succeed with these.

2. Musakhan Jajj. Also didn’t achieve this!

3. Freak shake. 

4. Wood Ants. I’m not against trying them, more the opportunity never came up!

5. Lobster

6. Khachapuri  I got as far as finding the recipe and then got no further!

7. Ceviche 

8. Kleftico. I’m pretty sure I actually ate this at some point but I can’t remember properly and don’t have a photo. I definitely had a really good piece of lamb at some point this year though!

9. Nutella Krispy Kreme. I tried a few of these. Just to make sure my opinion was right obviously….

10. Racelette. Turkey stew on raclette is amazing. Who knew?!

11. Afternoon Tea. 

12. Tapas. My brother now owns a Tapas bar! And he cooks it surprisingly well! (Sunbridge Lounge, Bradford– shameless plug)

13. Alcoholic Ice Lollies. I really can’t tolerate alcohol so I haven’t been brave enough to try them!

14. Proper lose leaf tea. 

15. Tartiflette. It’s made mostly out of potatoes and I now shouldn’t really eat potatoes. I ate a lot of this while I lived in France so I have actually experienced this before.

16. Dosas. I did look in Indian restaurants we went to but they didn’t serve any. I did eat them for breakfast when we were in India for a wedding though.

17. Tagine 

18. Real steak. To think this time last year I hadn’t eaten a steak before… now I have it twice a week!

19. Gelato 

20. Pecan Pie

21. Mississippi Mud Pie. I had an ice cream sundae version. It was quite nice but a bit bitter

22. Ice Cream Float

22. Hot Dog 

23. Octopus 

24. Thai food. I‘d still like to eat this out in a restaurant again but my friend made a really good curry for me

25. Chowder. Also made by my wonderful friend! I really liked this.

26. Mussels 

27. Woodfired Pizza. I had this when we went to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. It was good but I didn’t think it was super amazing.


29. Jerk Chicken & 30. Sweet potato fries. 

Not too bad an effort! I need to say thank you to my friend Rich, who helped me tackle a lot of my list by cooking things off it- he’s a really good cook. The final totals are: 5 not completed, 3 tried before but not as part of this challenge, 23 completed. 

I’m quite impressed with that. The 5 I didn’t eat was mostly because I couldn’t find them, not because I didn’t want to eat them. If I do manage to track them down, I’ll be sure to write another update 🙂

Banner photo: google stock image


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