Review: Sunbridge Lounge, Bradford

I’ll be honest from the beginning; my brother owns and runs this bar, which was the only reason we were in Bradford in the first place. However, if you know my brother and me, we’re often each other’s harshest critics, so if it wasn’t up to scratch, I’d be the first to tell him! 

Sunbridge Lounge is located in the new Sunbridge Wells development in Bradford, where the old Victorian tunnels of the city have been converted into shops, restaurants and bars. It’s not immediately obvious where or what it is from the street, but while we were there, there was a steady stream of people visiting the complex, so it’s clearly well known by the locals. 

Sunbridge Wells Complex

Tunnel in Sunbridge Wells

Sunbridge Lounge is upstairs and is a Craft Beer and Tapas Bar. I don’t know anything about Craft Beer because I don’t drink beer, but the Sunbridge Lounge has a huge range of craft beers available from all over the world, as well as serving alcoholic, soft and hot drinks. 

We went for lunch on a Sunday and tried out the food menu. There was an impressive range of tapas or small plates to choose from, as well as side dishes like chips or salad and a specials menu, which is changed regularly. We ordered 6 small plates/tapas and some of the twice cooked chips and patatas bravas between 4 of us, which was the perfect amount of food. Everything is cooked to order, but the great thing was that it all came out at the same time, which isn’t always the case with tapas places.

I was really impressed. My favourite by far was the sweet potato bhajis, which lots of people had been raving about on Facebook and Trip Advisor- we ordered 2 plates. It came with a minted red onion, yoghurt and coriander dressing, which worked really well. 

My husband said his favourite was the salt and pepper squid, which was a special that day. 

We also had Tandoori black tiger prawns, which were really good (we ordered 2 plates). They were spicy but not overpowering and came with yoghurt. The flavouring was really well done, in that you could also taste the spices and herbs used, not just the heat.

Halloumi was the final small plate we had. My only criticism of the meal was that I thought the halloumi was sliced a bit thickly, but my husband disagrees and says it wasn’t and I’m just being fussy! The patatas bravas, also in the picture, were really good- we should have probably ordered 2 portions of that with hindsight! 

The service was quick and the waiting staff were friendly. Most of the plates are between £3-£7 and the produce is all sourced locally. The place was relatively busy for a Sunday afternoon, and I know from Facebook that you have to book to guarantee a table in the evenings. Because it’s tapas, it’s perfect for a quick meal if you’re popping in before the theatre, but the bar has a laid back feel to it so you can have a leisurely meal too. 

The interior is modern, fitting in with the industrial feel outside in the complex. I liked the fact that it had a bit of a nod to Bradford’s Victorian background and history, but still managed to seem up to date and trendy.

It would have been great if there had been some kind of dessert but apparently other people weren’t buying them so it didn’t make sense to keep serving them. The tapas more than made up for that though- it was amazing food and we had a great lunch there. Well worth a visit! 


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