Having to use my emergency injection 

I’m currently sat in hospital at nearly 2am and can’t sleep. It’s actually a very peaceful (I’m not saying the Q word) Assessment Ward, which makes a big change, but I’ve had a lot of random doses of hydrocortisone and my body clock has gone completely mad and doesn’t know what time of day it is. A bit like jet lag- you’re really tired and want to sleep but you can’t, it’s a similar thing.
       Anyway, earlier in the week I wrote about how I thought my endocrine system was struggling because I was wheezing and it was weird. I’ve actually been super sensible and was resting lots, but today I decided to go to the cinema to get out of the house and the very slight walking involved from the (disabled) car park tipped me over the edge. So I cried, felt sick, couldn’t breathe, felt dizzy, got sweaty and shaky… all the usual stuff. I could have got away with that amount of emotion while watching Their Finest the other day, but nope, there I am sobbing at the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy. 
        After that my nurse friend took over and I don’t remember much. I remember feeling very out of it and feeling like I was drunk and sinking, but apparently I also very nearly passed out and was worse than normal because he gave me my emergency injection (thanks by the way!). It’s not my first adrenal crisis but I’ve never had to use it before, I’ve usually got myself to hospital or rang an ambulance in time, but this kind of sneaked up on me. I’m a bit sad I ruined my streak of not needing to use it, but it was necessary. Although I think the cinema staff were a bit freaked out that someone was injecting me in my backside/thigh in plain sight, but never mind! 
       We had a few hiccups with getting triaged- I don’t think they knew what adrenal insufficiency was and didn’t want to pay attention to my ‘life threatening endocrine condition/coma’ card. Usually they’re great, I just caught a not great nurse who thought I was being melodramatic. It’s not appropriate for me to wait more than a few minutes to be triaged, especially as I’d had my injection. I waited 20 yesterday. Not good. But I saw a wonderful medical doctor when they moved me on to AMU who mentioned the words ‘baseline’ and ‘stress dose’ without me saying them. That never happens! 
       It’s getting put down to a viral infection so far. The problem with taking steroids is that they hide a lot of ‘normal’ symptoms and I don’t necessarily get a temperature. Patients are regularly cautioned over excessive stress dosing so it makes us reluctant to do so unless there’s an obvious cause. I felt ‘weird’ all week, but feeling ‘weird’ isn’t a good reason enough to double dose. So I did a slight increase when I needed it but obviously the infection was still brewing and when I went out and had to walk, it made me worse very quickly. The bad thing about it being a viral infection is you can’t chuck antibiotics at it to make it go away, your body has to fight it. Which mine can’t do very well. 
      So I’m due a chest x-ray, had some bloods and fluids, IV anti sickness, IV paracetamol and some oral morphine. After getting to AMU my BP went up to 170/100 which caused a slight minor panic so I got 100mg IV hydrocortisone written up to top up my injection dose, which is given into my muscle rather than my vein. I usually have 200mg IV so that made sense to me. It made me feel more lively but it does mean my body clock is confused and it’s sadly starting to wear off. I’ve had the usual ‘that’s weird’ and ‘you’re a bit of an unusual case’ like usual. Oh and I had another cannula explosion which was even more dramatic than last time- it literally looked like I’d severed a limb, there was blood all over the floor, the wall, me, the curtain… It looks worse than it actually is thankfully! And for the first time *ever*, no one was called Betty or Barbara sharing my bay with me! Hopefully they’ll let me go home in the morning if my bloods and X-ray are good. I must have had some strange premonition because I downloaded a lot of podcasts yesterday. So that’s what I’m off to do now and try to sleep! 


3 thoughts on “Having to use my emergency injection 

  1. Angela says:

    That’s so scary!! I hope the results come back good enough for you to get home!

    Can’t they put a note on your file that when you are admitted you get seen straight away? I know there’s something like that on my Dads file, if my Mum calls for a doctor for him there’s a note to send an ambulance as she can’t lift/move him by herself!

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    • Ok Then, What's Next? says:

      Yeah there is a flag on my name, but the problem was with getting the nurse to actually look at my name/file on the computer! I think she thought I was being awkward and once she’d decided that she just refused all of the reasonable requests I made, usually they’re pretty good at this hospital. Once I’d actually seen triage I got to see a doctor in a few minutes though, so I think it was just that specific nurse.

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