I really hate napping. I’ve always hated going to sleep. When I was a kid, I didn’t like to feel like I was missing out on anything (what, I don’t know) so I didn’t like going to sleep. I’m still like it in some respects, but a lot of my time at the moment is spent napping or lying down resting. It’s boring! 

A friend told me about podcasts. These are now my new favourite thing! Sometimes I lie on the sofa and watch tv and nap, but unless it’s something I’ve seen before, I tend to want to have my eyes open so I don’t miss anything, which isn’t very conducive to napping. Plus it takes extra energy processing sound *and* sight so it’s not as much rest as I could get. Making podcasts a good option! A lot of them are free, there’s lots of talking and I can lie in bed with my eyes shut and drift in and out of sleep. Or if I can’t sleep, I know I’m getting decent rest. I tried audiobooks before, but the problem with those is that if I fall asleep I tend to get ‘lost’, and I feel like I’ve ‘missed out’ on some of the plot (which I have). Here are some of my current favourite podcasts:

The West Wing Weekly

It’s a discussion of each episode of the West Wing, so I have a legitimate reason to watch the West Wing for the umpteenth time! They talk about plot lines and characterisation, but also production and backstage things too, which I’m finding really interesting. 


This is one which you have to listen to in order. It follows a case of a girl who was abducted and murdered and the 17 year old boy who was convicted of it. It’s a real case from 1999 but the point of the podcast is that they’re not convinced he actually did it. So they’re picking apart the case and using interviews and evidence to try to decide. It’s so interesting! It’s a bit like Sherlock, to me anyway. 

Desert Island Discs

This is quite a good one to dip in and out of if I actually want to sleep. A different famous person per episode is asked what music they’d take with them to a desert island. They also talk about their reasons for having chosen the pieces so you find out some details about their lives. 

The Rough Guide to Everywhere 

It’s a travel podcast with special guests who discuss places they’ve traveled to, their lives at specific points when travelling and culture. I’m not listening to all of them, just the ones I find interesting.

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review 

Basically a run down of the latest films, both on TV and in the cinema, complete with reviews. Listeners can write in and contribute and there’s usually a celebrity interview linked to a film out at the time. Another one that’s good to listen to in the background, but I quite like the debates they have about the different films. 

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

The notion of this is an interesting one: looking at Harry Potter as though it was a text like the Bible or another sacred text. It’s really fascinating how if you read the chapters with a specific theme in mind, it changes the way you view the story. I’m not re-reading the books along with the podcast because I did that quite recently, but I really like how they pick apart certain elements of it, and how actually a lot of the morals of the story are the same or similar foundations of other religions. The presenters use examples from their own lives to illustrate their interpretations as well, which helps you think about aspects of your own life. 

There are some other ones I occasionally listen to, like some meditation ones or the documentaries and long reads on the Guardian and BBC channels, but these are the ones that I look forward to listening to. The West Wing Weekly is by far my favourite, but I’ve almost caught up with them and they only record once a week! Let me know if you have any suggestions of others to listen to 🙂 


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