Power Rangers

I think that nostalgia played a part in why I liked this film. It was ‘alright’, I was kind of indifferent about it, a bit like I am with most action films. But because I grew up with the Power Rangers on tv, played with the action figures and even owned a Power Ranger costume (when I was 6, I hasten to add), it seemed quite a fun film to see. I was the pink Power Ranger, obviously. 

There were a couple of things I really did like about it. Firstly, it wasn’t filled with endless fight scenes and battles which lead nowhere. Of course they had to save the town (I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying that), and naturally the baddy rose from the dead and they had to re-pool their resources and learn important lessons about collaborating, but it wasn’t hours and hours of endless bangs and crashes and peril. Plus the fight took place outside Krispy Kreme’s to save the contents hidden there, which, in my opinion, is a very good reason to defend something. Even if it was a crystal and not the doughnuts! They might have saved the town, but like every action film, it was completely flattened. Why does no one ever get annoyed at the super heroes for destroying their town entirely?!

Another good point was the fact that there wasn’t any romance between the characters. It really irritates me when film makers feel the need to create a love interest as part of the storyline, particularly when it usually results in girls being ‘protected’ by the male characters. They looked out for each other, but as friends. Friendships and the relationships formed from them don’t always get enough storylines! 

It also showed that jocks can be nice and stick up for the little guy, the little guy, who is also autistic, can be popular and have a great sense of humour, and the ‘bad guy’ and ‘moody girl’ who everyone steers clear of do have backstories that make them who they are- don’t judge a book by its cover. I Also liked how an underlying ethos was ‘labels can be useful to work out what you are but you don’t have to stick to them or even associate with one at all if you don’t want to’. Billy was autistic but his friends didn’t make a point of it- that’s just who he is. Trini isn’t perfect and may or may not be gay, but again, that didn’t matter. 

Random side note, thanks for including a cover of ‘Stand by Me’ as part of the soundtrack. I don’t think a year went by when I was a music teacher where I didn’t use this song while teaching pop music or covers, so music teachers everywhere will be glad for an up to date version! 

I didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t enough fake karate chopping and silly ‘it’s morphing time’ phrases like in the original. Maybe they’re being saved up for the sequel or perhaps it’s because it’s a reboot and modern kids aren’t impressed by dodgy acrobatics and fake smoke like we were but an enjoyable part of watching the Power Rangers was the quirkiness. The ‘go go Power Rangers’ theme didn’t feature enough for my liking either and instead we had a random theme that sounded a bit like it should have appeared in Tron. 

I was grateful for a storyline which wasn’t just ‘we have to save the world’ like other action films and I liked how the characters and their sub-plots were relatable to today’s kids. We also spotted 2 of the ‘old’ Power Rangers masquerading as normal people after the battle scene, which amused us. I wouldn’t say I’d watch it again, but it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon (providing you liked the original series!). 
Photo: box office poster 


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