30 Before 30: Spring Update

I’ve got about 2 months left to complete the things on my 30 before 30 list, which I started in the Summer last year. Here’s how I’m doing so far in my Spring update:

  1. Ride a Horse. This is now pretty much a ‘bad idea’ for me to do health wise. So I might have to get creative as to how I achieve this! I have, however, watched 7 seasons of Heartland, which is a programme about cowboys/cowgirls on a ranch in Canada. Which means I know a lot of equine terms!
  2. Go on a Spa Day. Again, potentially a bad idea health wise…
  3. Make a wearable piece of clothing. I’m going to say I’ve done this one. I doubt I will ever finish the skirt I started, but I have worn the headbands I made a few times and they haven’t fallen apart!


4. Volunteer for a charity. I have done this a lot! I volunteered for Reindeer Post at Christmas, and then I started my Out with Animals Blog to post animals to sick children through Post Pals. Then I made a link with another charity, Help for Dominica, and have posted some animals there. And I also volunteered at the Endocrine Clinical Update for Addison’s UK. Most definitely achieved!


5. Go to a Christmas Market that’s not just the one in Birmingham. I didn’t go very far afield, but I did go to markets in Solihull, Coventry and Blenheim Palace as well as Birmingham.


6. Sell at a craft fair. This is tricky for many reasons I won’t get into on here. But I did a lot of Christmas knitting for people, have had a few specific requests for items, and have knitted an army of animals which are being sent to people I’ve never met before, so I’m ticking this one off my list- the idea was I do knitting for people who weren’t family and friends.



7. Go see a musical and stay the night in London.

8. Be a tourist in London. I’m working on these two. We have plans!

9. Go for a picnic in a park or a forest. Complete! Although I still want to go on a picnic in the forest.


10. Go punting.

11. Do yoga outside. I found some seated yoga exercises and did them outside. It was lovely! I only managed a few minutes, but it still counts!

12. Make brioche.

13. Sleep in a yurt. This falls into the ‘bad idea’ category health wise, sadly.

14. Learn to play Mvt II Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven) all the way through. I can play it all the way through now, I just can’t play it fluently. So not sure if I can tick it off yet or not!

15. Make my own fruit juice for breakfast. Complete! I made peach and mango and apricot juice for breakfast.


16. Practise Spanish in an actual situation. I’ve talked a bit to a Spanish waiter. And I took part in a photo challenge in November where you had to write a sentence to go with a photo every day in a language you’re learning. I quite enjoyed doing that! I’ve also listened to a couple of very easy Spanish beginners podcasts. I’m ticking this off my list, although I will still try and find a Spanish person to practise with!

17. Go/watch ice skating. Ice skating won’t happen. But hopefully watching it could.

18. Read all of the Harry Potter books in order. Complete! And I even read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as well.


19. Make mojito ice lollies. We tried doing this over Christmas, but we couldn’t find any rum at the time! We’ve since found it, so will try this soon.

20. Learn how to crochet properly (even if it is bad). My husband refused to teach me, so I asked a friend for some very easy to follow videos on youtube. I’m quite proud of myself- I can now crochet a Granny Square! (providing the video is on, and I can pause it!)


21. Re-read a book in French. I’ve started re-reading ‘Twilight’ in French. I’m on page 190 out of 500, so progress is slow, but I’m getting there!


22. Host a raclette party. Complete! Done this a lot now 🙂


23. Listen to BBC Proms concerts. I kind of tailed off listening to them as the Summer went on, but I still listened to lots of different performances. Podcasts are now my new favourite thing.

24. Record a song on GarageBand. Or Logic. I can probably do this right now, I’m just lazy!

25. Play Pokemon Go. I’m still playing, but I can tick it off the list.

26. Eat tapas. We had some very good tapas, on 2 occasions, Still open for trying more though!


27. Visit a castle. We visited a lot when we went on holiday to Wales. This one is my favourite:


28. Go to the seaside/beach and paddle. We haven’t been anywhere near the seaside since I started this list!

29. Play in a band rehearsal. I *kind of* did this when I went to my old concert band’s reunion event. As in, I played the triangle and the tambourine for a couple of pieces! But this now also falls into the ‘bad idea’ category.

30. Go to a Carol Service. I went to 2! I went to see the Westminster Abbey Choristers perform at Symphony Hall and also a local church’s one. Both were great fun, but I particularly loved the choristers.


In my Winter Update, I had 11 complete, 7 part way complete and 12 not started. Now I have 16 complete, 3 part way complete and 11 not started. That’s still a lot not started, but I’ve managed to finish off some of the ones I started from last time. However, I’m going to add a new category: purple. Basically, when I was assessing for GCSE/A-level, I’d have the red, orange and green colours I have here, but I’d also have purple, which meant ‘has done everything humanly possible but other circumstances mean they’re not achieving their grade.’ I now have a few ‘bad idea for my health’ ones, which means I probably won’t achieve them, including:

 1. Ride a horse
2. Go on a spa day
13. Sleep in a yurt

Taking my new category into account, that would mean 16 complete, 3 part way complete, 8 not started and 3 unlikely to complete. I think that’s reasonable progress 🙂


2 thoughts on “30 Before 30: Spring Update

  1. Angela says:

    I think thats great progress!!
    If its any consolation I had a bad experience when I slept in a yurt, a rabbit got into our yurt and I’m allergic, I didn’t know it was there until morning but I struggled to breathe all night and my face was badly swollen.

    Liked by 1 person

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