Beauty and the Beast

My blog is a year old today, so I thought I’d write a review to celebrate, as that was the first post I ever wrote! 

I loved Beauty and the Beast, and I wasn’t the least bit bothered that we were a bit out of place in the cinema filled with small girls dressed as Belle (although my husband might have been a bit put out!). If you’ve seen the original cartoon, much of the storyline is the same with a few added extra details. I liked in particualr how Emma Watson playing Belle says ‘I only wanted to teach a child to read’ and other, like-minded feminist statements. She most definitely can look after herself and didn’t need to rely on men to ‘save’ her, more she allowed them to fight alongside her.

It made me happy that all of the French was accurate. I can’t tell you how much it annoys me when it gets translated wrong! It also made me realise that all the random character names I thought were just silly words as a child watching the cartoon are actual words in French- it makes a lot more sense now! 

There’s been a bit of controversy with some countries not wanting to show a gay scene in the film. In the original cartoon, Le Fou was so admiring of Gaston that he may as well have had romantic designs on him, and this idea was carried on in the reboot. I got the impression that le Fou was gay because there were a lot more hidden messages conveyed in throwaway phrases and glances or body language (I thought le Fou was great and well played), but it’s not until the very end when you see him dancing with a man at the final ball that it’s confirmed for sure. Although he did also dance with a woman, so I guess it still could be open to interpretation. Somehow, the countries making a fuss have forgotten the original cartoon’s portrayal and have missed a couple of points. Maybe they’re not bothered because the original is a cartoon and ‘not real’ but the film is still about singing and dancing furniture, fantasy and magic. Le Fou being gay is definitely not a shocking thing in the film! Plus a lot of his comments are jokes aimed at adults, which lots of Disney/Pixar films do to make sure their films appeal to the adults in the audience who are experiencing/enduring the film with their children. I thought le Fou was a great character and the interactions between him and Gaston were brilliant. 

I wasn’t a big fan of the female lead vocals in this. Emma Watson was alright singing but some of her phrases weren’t as easy-sounding as they should have been. And I don’t think anyone can compare to the original version of ‘tale as old as time’. The male vocals impressed me though. 

My favourite character was probably Lumière. I didn’t guess he was played by Ewan McGregor until the very end. I loved everything about his accent and intonation. I also really liked le Fou, Belle and Beast and how they interacted. 

I really enjoyed this film and would quite happily see it again- I’ve been singing the songs on repeat in my head ever since!

Photo: Disney 


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