Reindeer Post for Post Pals

A couple of months ago, I started following a charity on Twitter called Post Pals. It’s a charity which coordinates sending post or cards or small presents to seriously ill children and their siblings. As part of their Christmas programme, they were looking for people to send Reindeer Post. It sounded quite fun so I asked to have a family allocated to me. Basically, I pretended to be each of the reindeer and wrote a card from them to the family, so they had 9 cards in total across December.

I think it’s a great charity to be involved in because it’s a really simple concept and also can be something fun. Having a chronic (albeit non-terminal) illness myself and having had to stay in hospital in the past and go to lots of outpatient appointments, I find the routines of it at times tiresome, isolating and unpleasant- and I’m an adult. It must be even more difficult as a child, and for the other children in the family. No matter how used to it you are, it’s still hard work, so Post Pals gives a bit of light relief. Plus I know I like receiving post as an adult (that’s not bills anyway), so it must be even more exciting for a child!

The child allocated to me is a 5 year old boy who has a type of Leukaemia and, according to his profile online, he has had chemo every day for 2 years. He must be a really resilient kid! I decided to make some of the cards myself, bought some cards with superheroes and princesses which are the kids’ likes according to their profile and put some small presents in some post.

The first post I sent was from Dasher:



The second one was from Cupid:



Next up was from Vixen:IMG_8386.jpg


The fourth one from Comet:IMG_8546.jpg

Donner came fifth:


Prancer was sixth:


Next up, Dancer:



Eight was Blitzen:



And the last one was from Rudolph:



I quite enjoyed doing it from a creative perspective but I also wanted to do something that might brighten someone’s day. I like doing charity work where you know you’ve had an impact but the emphasis is still on those who benefit from it, rather than how wonderful the person doing it is or fundraising money not actually getting to the people who need it and going on advertising costs instead. Post Pals is great for that because anyone can be involved at any age, the children directly benefit and it’s something a bit fun. I’m definitely going to keep sending post to some of the other pals after Christmas as well.


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