10 Things I’m Grateful For

Yesterday’s advent challenge with the Bible Society was write 10 things you’re grateful for. So I thought I’d share:

1. Hydrocortisone. It keeps me alive. 

2. My husband.

3. My friends.

4. Nutella. This sounds a bit random but I’ve had to make changes to my diet depending on which theory the dietitians are running with. Currently we’re back on low carb. But Nutella has always been on the lists of food I’m allowed to eat. And it’s sometimes the only type of chocolate I should eat. 

5. My sense of humour. I’m the ‘get pissed off about it and then laugh about it’ type of person. I don’t think I’d have survived the last few years without my sense of humour. 

6. Tv/Netflix. I watch tv all day and most of the night when I can’t sleep. 

7. Living in the U.K. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere facing civil war. I get free medical care. I had an education. Our laws aren’t sexist. Lots of reasons to be grateful for living here.

8. My house. I have a warm, safe house with electricity and running water.

9. My iPhone. This rules my life. It has all my alarms, reminders, calendar, photos on it. I can talk to people when I want through various forms. I’d be stuck without it because I wouldn’t be able to function. 

10. Creativity. Apart from watching tv I try to challenge my brain by using the creative side. I like being able to think of new ideas and try them out. 


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