Week 2 of Advent Challenge

It’s the end of the second week of the Bible Society Advent Challenge. Here’s how I got on the last week:

Day 8: hold the door open for someone 

This was a pretty easy one, I don’t make habits of shutting doors in people’s faces anyway! Today I held the door open for my physiotherapist.

Day 9: make and give someone a homemade present 

I was actually doing this anyway for some people but I made extra so I could give to my chiropractor. I won’t post a photo though because it might ruin it for people who haven’t opened their’s yet!

Day 10: give your lose change to someone who needs it

I put some coins into a charity box at the end of a till. I think it was for a children’s charity.

Day 11: smile more

I was not having a good day and felt pretty rough so this one was more of a challenge than a usual day would be. That’s mostly why I picked that one from the options given to me that day. But I managed it!

Day 12: talk to someone you see often but don’t speak to

I don’t go out a lot by myself so I don’t tend to see many people who I don’t already talk to. But I did have a very brief conversation with our neighbour that day while she was going out to the car.

Day 13: call someone you’d normally speak to online 

I don’t talk to my dad online but I usually text rather than ring. So I rang him oh that day. 

Day 14: out chocolate through someone’s door. 

I’ve bought the chocolate, I just haven’t managed to get to the person’s house to put it through their door yet! 


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