Festive Things

Last week I would class as particularly festive and I felt like I was properly getting into the Christmas spirit. I love the build up to Christmas anyway, but if I wasn’t sure Christmas was on its way, I definitely was by the end of it! 

Carol Service 

A friend, his mum and aunt and I saw the Westminster Abbey Choristers perform a lunchtime carol service at Symphony Hall. Apparently it was the first time they’d performed out of a church or abbey setting. The boys are all aged between 7 and 13/14 and performed carols both unaccompanied and with an organ. The hall was almost packed and the boy who started the concert off with a solo of I Saw Three Ships must have only been about 9 and sung beautifully without any backup from organ or the choir- that must take some nerve! They sang traditional carols in English, Latin and German and there were a couple of congregation carols as well. It was a really lovely hour!

Christmas Market 

Symphony Hall is really close to the Birmingham Christmas Market so we had a quick wander through part of it. I’ve been to the market most years since I’ve lived down here so it’s something we do every year. It wasn’t too busy because it was mid-week but at weekends it can be packed. 

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

The next day, my husband and two friends went to Blenheim Palace to see the Christmas Trail. Each garden has been designed by a different artist and has a different theme which comes alive at nighttime through different lights, sounds and fire used. The photos I have won’t do it justice but it was incredible. We got there about 6pm when it was properly dark and spent about 2 hours on the trail, but we did stop to look, sit down a lot and eat toasted marshmallows. My favourite was the Electric Waterfall which was essentially a slope covered in colour-changing lights: it was pretty hypnotic! Afterwards we had (posh) hot dogs and pulled pork rolls which were very good! There were also things like mulled wine and waffles available as well. 

A really good week! Going to the market and a carol service are definitely things which I consider essential to feeling Christmassy every year. What are yours? 


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