Winter Fayres

I love festive fayres. Even if I don’t buy anything, I like the atmosphere, and they’re great for Christmas present ideas. I particularly like it when people sell things they’ve made themselves (rather than sellers buying things in and selling them on). 

I’ve been to 3 so far this year. The first one was at The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry. My husband and his choir were singing Christmas songs at it so I went along to have a look at the Fayre and help hand out flyers. It wasn’t a huge Fayre but there were a lot of handmade things which I liked. 

The following day, we went with some friends to a Fayre at Stoneleigh just outside Coventry. This one was a lot bigger and had a few extra things like cooking demonstrations and activities for kids. 

We had a really good roast at Farmer’s Fayre which is also on site.

The third one was last weekend at Fargo Village in Coventry. Fargo has lots of independent boutique shops on site as it is, but their Winter Fayre also had a bit of a difference: instead of Black Friday sales, the vendors would donate some of their profit to charity rather than slashing the prices. 

Fargo have a few more festive things coming up so I’ll hopefully be able to check some of those out too! 

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