Making a Happiness Jar

I stole the idea off another Twitter user, although I’m calling mine a ‘Star Jar’ because I like the rhyme. The idea is that you write down things that happen that made you happy and look back on them at a later date and remember the good and funny things. Some people do it as a New Year ritual, I’m going to look at mine whenever I’m feeling a bit fed up. It’s also good for me because I have a tendency to forget positive and fun things, and I also liked the idea of making my own since I mostly spend my days doing crafty things when I can.

To make it, I used:

  • an old Nutella Jar, washed out and label taken off. This just happens to be the thing that we (ok, I) eat the most of in our house, but any jar will do.
  • Tacky glue
  • Sequins- I used gold and silver
  • Paper
  • Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen roll (I’m not the tidiest!)


I printed out a template of a star on the paper, mostly because I can’t draw. I then stuck it to another piece of paper and cut around the two, so it was a double layer so it could carry the weight of the sequins. I decided to do this rather than using card because the jar has a curve on it, so it needed to be flexible still for when I stuck it to the jar at the end.

Starting with the point, I alternated rows of sequins with the different colours, working my way down. Each row partially overlapped the one above it and the sequin before it so there were no gaps. Make sure you work in the same direction though (I did left to right). This is where the tweezers came in handy- dipping the sequin into the glue and then positioning on the star. It sounds fiddly, but it’s not- I don’t have a steady hand and coordination isn’t my strong point, so if I can do it most people should be able to!

I left it to dry overnight and then stuck the star to the jar the next day. I used the brush to make sure the glue was evenly spread out over the star and some kitchen towel to wipe away any which squidged out the edges. The glue dries clear, but I didn’t want any thick bits showing.


I thought about writing something on the other side, but my handwriting is shocking, so I decided to keep it simple! So I used some spare sequins and just dotted them around the sides of the jar. I did the side with the star one day and then the other side the next, so that the glue had time to dry in between.

The finished jar looked like this:


Now time to fill it with lots of happy things!


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