Places I’d Like to Travel To

A friend and I were talking about this last night and it got me thinking about places I’d like to see. If money or circumstance were no object, where would I like to visit in the world? Some people travel for specific reasons, like they’ve got a particular interest in history or culture or architecture or trekking. I tend to travel to places based on where I feel ‘drawn’ to, although I can’t necessarily put my finger on what it is that draws me to specific places! I like learning about people and their lives. I’m reasonably well traveled in Europe, but when I look on a global scale, I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a map of where I’ve traveled so far in the world:


That’s a lot of places untraveled. So, in no particular order, here’s some places I’d like to travel to.

Washington DC, USA

Ok, so this is at the top of my list, if I were to put them in order. Having spent a lot of time sofa bound in the last 4 years, I’ve filled my time watching american political shows, including all seasons of West Wing 5 times through. I find american history and the political system really interesting and want to visit the famous landmarks I’ve been watching on TV.

New England, USA

Before becoming ill, I would have always opted for stunning scenery over city travels every time. I’ve always loved the look of the countryside here, West Wing helped with that as well, but the colours of Autumn/Fall in particular have always made me want to visit. I don’t know why specifically here, but it looks beautiful at this time of year!

New York at Christmas

I’ve been to New York, we went as part of our honeymoon. And the first three places on my list are doing absolutely nothing for broadening my travel map! But there’s something about New York at Christmas that I feel particularly drawn to. The fact that it’s cold, there might be snow, New York seems to go all out for Christmas, I don’t know. I just think it would be great to experience it.


I used to have a recurring dream about Japan and Vietnam, I don’t know why. I’m well aware they’re completely different places, but for some reason they appeared in the same dream. I know very little about Japanese culture, but from what I’ve read, it’s a completely different experience from anything I will have ever encountered before. It also looks like an incredibly beautiful and interesting place. A friend I went to school with is currently living out there and I’m enjoying looking at her photos and reading her blog.


This is definitely a ‘I want to see stunning scenery’ place. My ideal adventure in Canada would probably involve hiking and being off the beaten path, although I like the sound of a cabin in the woods so that I wouldn’t need to worry (or worry less anyway) about being eaten by bears in my sleep. I’d also quite like to visit Niagara Falls- my parents visited this Summer and their photos look great.


We briefly went to India for a friend’s wedding, but while it was culturally an amazing experience because we were there for the wedding celebrations, we didn’t see much of India. Elephants are my favourite animal, which you can see elsewhere, but why not here? Plus there’s so much culture imbedded in Indian traditions which we just don’t have in this country, but an Indian friend introduced me to in the year we lived in France together. I’d like to learn more. The Taj Mahal looks like an incredible place to visit as well.

Machu Picchu

Maybe a traveler’s cliche, but this has always been on my list. How on earth did people build that, that high up?! My friend and I yesterday were saying how when you go to ancient places and imagine the history that’s happened there, you get shivers. This is definitely ones of those places for me I think.

The Great Wall of China

This is similar for me as Japan- it’s a completely different culture, which has roots from years and years ago. I think I’d see this as an adventure challenge, so I’d probably want to walk the length of it. I don’t necessarily feel drawn to the rest of China, but I definitely feel intrigue when I see images of it.

A country based in the desert

I haven’t put a lot of thought into this one, as you can tell! But when we were flying to India, we had a stopover in Qatar, and seeing the cities and roads built in the desert from the air as we landed made me want to learn more. So when I got home, I spent a lot of time reading about life in Qatar and what it’s like living in such a dry country and the traditions there. I don’t know if I’d want to visit Qatar specifically, but the idea of seeing a completely different life and architecture appeals.


Specifically to see the Northern Lights. I’ve actually seen the Northern Lights a few times from where I grew up as a child, but it’s never the full ‘display’. It would be really something to see the full spectrum. I’ve been to Norway before and it had amazing scenery and lots of cultural appeal.

There are probably lots of other places I’d like to visit, but these were the ones that came up when I was consciously thinking about it. Where would you visit?



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