Anyone Can ‘Get Sick’

Anyone can have poor health. This time of year is an anniversary of that fact for me, as well as it being our wedding anniversary! Brilliant timing huh? 😉 

Except when you’re healthy, you think that ill health will never happen to you. You think getting a cold is the worst thing ever. It’s hard to think that anything will change that dramatically that quickly. I ate healthily, exercised often, had a perfect BMI, didn’t smoke, rarely drank alcohol and didn’t drink any caffeine. I was the healthiest I ever was. And then I wasn’t anymore. 

At my last consultant appointment we talked briefly about quality of life now versus later. That’s a great conversation to be having aged 29. When most people are finally acknowledging they’ve got to stop abusing their bodies which comes as part of being in your 20s (alcohol, parties, rubbish food), and starting to have children and families, I’m talking about osteoporosis and how I can slow down diabetes, both of which I’m showing signs of, and speculating about other illnesses I’m likely to get. Fun times! If you’re still thinking ‘that won’t happen to me‘, remember I had a good diet, kept myself healthy and did exactly what my Doctors told me. The NHS is a wonderful thing, but you can’t cure many illnesses, you just have to learn how to live with them. 

Anyone can get sick or be in an accident. It can happen overnight and it does. No one should take their health for granted because it’s possibly the most important but volatile thing you’re given. You can’t mind-over-matter it and no amount of eating clean can fix some problems, despite what you might think or what magazines and the media tell you. If you’re lucky, your health taking a downward turn will be a temporary thing and you can think about it differently from that point on, but if it’s permanent, you really miss how easy it was being healthy when it’s gone.


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