My Hospital Bag

Pregnant ladies are told to make a hospital bag for when they go to hospital, because it’s guaranteed they’ll need it at some point. I decided a while ago that as I seem to be admitted to hospital around 2-3 times every 9 months for my adrenal insufficiency, I should probably also have a hospital bag. It’s upstairs under the bed ready for if I need to go, except I decided last week, in my wisdom, that I wasn’t sick enough to be kept in so didn’t bother taking it with me in the ambulance. The doctors had other ideas though and I should have obviously taken it with me in hindsight… 

 I clearly don’t have baby related things in mine, but I do have some things in it that make the experience so much better/easier! 

Medications. It sounds backwards to take your medications to hospital with you, but sometimes they can’t get hold of specific ones from pharmacy and ask you to use your own supply temporarily, or the pharmacist might want to check the dose, which is a lot easier if you have some with you. 

– Phone charger and phone. Obvious really. But having one with a long cable is good because then you don’t have to get out of bed and sit in your chair to charge your phone!

 – Headphones. There’s always an elderly lady who shouts ‘help me’ every 9 seconds all night. Always. It’s good to be able to block out the ward sounds as well. 

– 4G or TV downloads. Most wards have TV now but you have to pay for it so if you’re only kept in overnight it’s not always worth it. Netflix is always handy…

– A book. In case you run out of Gilmore girls on Netflix. Or, worse, there’s no signal! 

– spare underwear. Obvious really. 

– 2 pairs of  pyjamas. It gets really hot on wards and changing your pyjamas can make a lot of difference to how you feel mentally. Plus the NHS pink nighties are awful! 

– jogging bottoms and a tshirt. I’ve kind of gotten used to being sent for scans etc in my pyjamas which is when I used to get dressed, but it’s handy for when you’re discharged if it’s cold and you don’t want to leave hospital in your pyjamas. Once I got admitted wearing a suit dress and tights and funnily enough didn’t feel like fighting with tights and tailoring when I was let out…!

– socks and slippers. Wards get cleaned every day but I still don’t trust walking around bare foot. Plus it means you can leave the ward for scans/tests without worrying about shoes. 

– toiletries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, coniditioner, hair bobble, deodorant. The free ones you get from hotels are quite good for my hospital bag I’ve discovered! I also have wet wipes for days when I don’t want to shower/wash properly and hand cream for when I’m using the antibacterial gel all the time. You get given a towel and a small bar of soap, but that’s it. 

– oat bars/crisps.  If you’re admitted through a&e you tend to only get given biscuits and sandwiches if you miss a meal. Which are alright but it’s good to have something else just in case. Once you’re on a ward you get proper meals and snacks regularly. 

If I need to stay in for a few days then I might ask my husband to bring in some extra things but that’s the minimum of what I need. On one admission, the girl opposite insisted on wearing full make up every day, which I definitely can’t be bothered with when I’m feeling sick! If anyone has any extra suggestions of things to put in my bag, let me know 🙂 


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