Visiting My Parents 

Last weekend I went to visit my parents. They live in a rural place, about 4 hours north of where I live. I wasn’t sure if I was going to visit until last minute because I had a cold. So I had to weigh up some pros and cons before deciding to go. 

If my cold made me sick enough to need to stress dose (temp of +1), I wouldn’t have gone. This is because there isn’t a major hospital for about 70 miles, and the regional hospital is 10 miles away. I don’t think the regional hospital would be able to cope with a case like mine if I needed hospital, as major cases tend to get ambulanced to the major hospital 70 miles away. 

If my asthma was exacerbated because of my cold, I wouldn’t have gone. I might have caught an infection, which would likely require endocrine treatment of some sort too. 

I don’t have any alerts set up there. I’m ‘known’ by the ambulance service in my home region because I’ve flagged my condition with them and select addresses. The ambulance service serves a massive area there as well, so call outs can sometimes be slow, and slower if they haven’t heard of my condition and therefore aren’t aware of it being time sensitive. 

Lots of doctors in cities haven’t come across my illness before, or have only come across it in case studies. With a smaller population, the chances of the hospital near my parents’ house being aware of it is even less. 

You might be thinking ‘this a lot of drama for visiting her parents’. Yes, but it was necessary because I had a cold. Last week was the first illness I’ve had in about 3 years where I wasn’t hospitalised. Every other cold, virus and infection I’ve had until now has meant I’ve been admitted to hospital for treatment at some point. So, with that statistic in mind, it was likely I could have ended up in hospital with that cold I just had.

The good news is that things are different now than before. I’m on 10mg more hydrocortisone as my baseline than I ever was previously. Which meant that I had reserve to fight the illness and was able to manage it better. I’ve got a lot more experience than when I had a cold a year ago and missed some of the ‘warnings’. I’m also at home all day now so I could rest properly. 

I managed my cold well, visited my parents and didn’t need to go to hospital. That’s three really good things to happen (except for the fact I had a cold!)


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