My Body

Day 29 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge is my body. I laughed when I saw today’s theme. Not in a bitter way, but because it’s something I joke about a lot.

My body is really frustrating. It’s double the weight it was 2 years ago (literally), I don’t think any of it is symptom free, and it does the exact opposite of what it’s meant to. O2 sats dropping and a wheeze? Endocrine not asthma. Silent chest? Asthma not endocrine. My blood sugars go down when they’re supposed to go up, and vice versa. Adrenal Insufficiency is typically recognised by a sudden drop in BP, mine goes up instead (as do some other people’s). In my case, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a giraffe.

Having said that, it’s also quite clever. It was supposed to have died a few times, and didn’t. For example, the last day I went to work, I had to do a routine random cortisol blood test in the morning before I went in. I then taught four year 7 classes, ran a lunchtime club and taught GCSE music after school (a pretty full on day). The next day I felt ill so I didn’t go to work, and got woken up by my GP ringing me when the test results came back, telling me I needed to go to GPAU at the hospital *right now*. The blood test from the day before came back as ‘undetectable’ for cortisol, which means ‘you’re probably dead or in a coma’. Normal for that time of day would be 400. I managed to teach a full day with my bloodwork like that- that’s pretty good going!

I hate the fact that I’ve put on so much weight, because I love(d) sports and exercise and now can’t do those anymore. I could write a long list of things my body makes me put up with every day. I have pre-osteoporosis, so my Grandma probably has better bones than me. But at the end of the day, I can’t hate something which is still functioning despite all its flaws, and for that I’m very grateful!



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