Life Lessons 

Day 28 of the 30 days of gratitude is life lessons. I wrote a post similar to this for the blog every day in May challenge, so I’m concentrating on more recent life lessons.

– I’ve learnt who my real friends are. It wasn’t a nice process to go through, to realise that 90% of my ‘friends’ seemed to think that friendship should only work one way- in their favour- but now I’m really grateful for the 10% of friends who stuck around.

– Doctors can be very clever people, but they’re not always right.

– good doctors and nurses are like gold dust. Keep hold of those ones!

– my gut instincts are good.

– human bodies are actually really clever things. They do so much we don’t even realise half the time, and most people still treat theirs worse than their car or a pet. You only have one body, when it breaks you can’t replace it.

– having the best job, family, car, Facebook profile…. whatever people ‘compete’ over, isn’t the be all and end all.

– people formulate their own opinions and most are unwilling to change them, despite explanations and attempts. That’s their own stuff or insecurities.

– I don’t have to waste my energy on people who don’t care about me. This sounds really harsh, but it’s not. I’m not rude about it, but I’ve stopped making the effort with some people.

-it’s great to look forward to the big things like holidays and life events. But there’s a lot of time that goes by in between that we shouldn’t be wishing away.

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