Why the new iPhone update is more than just ‘annoying’

As dramatic as it sounds, the new iPhone update is stressing me out. I can’t live without my phone, not just in a ‘I need to stalk people on Facebook and text people’ kind of way. 

To help put it into context, imagine the following scenarios. Driving your car on the right when abroad and approaching roundabouts and intersections. Or going to the supermarket with a screaming child and finding they’ve moved the aisles around so nothing is in the same place. Or trying to parallel park in the rain with a queue of traffic behind you. What would you be feeling? Anxious? Wound up? Stressed? Now imagine that your body can’t cope with that stress at all, so you also feel like you’re about to pass out and be sick. Still coping ok with it?

That’s kind of what’s happening while I’m trying to get to grips with the new iPhone update. Bearing in mind we got a new sky box 5 months ago and I still can’t work it- I really, really struggle to learn new things. 

I can’t live without my phone. It’s a disability aid. I didn’t fully appreciate how reliant I was on knowing what all the sounds and notifications meant until they all changed. My phone tells me when to take my tablets, how much liquid I drink a day, keeps a record of my BP/HR/temp/blood sugar readings, lets me note things down and search them later, takes photos of everything as a memory aid, gives emergency contact info and what instructions to give to strangers/paramedics if I pass out, alarms and reminders etc… I can’t function without it. 

Now I’m sure there are some wonderful additions which will probably help me out no end, if I can work them. But everything looks and sounds slightly different, which means it takes me longer to process the different icons now. The movements on screen are slightly different. The buttons are in different places or you have to swipe differently. Even the autocorrect is different. I don’t approach things in the same way as other people- every time I pick my phone up it’s like looking at it for the first time because I don’t retain the information for very long. It doesn’t help that I wasn’t very good with technology in the first place! 

So it’s dented my confidence a bit (temporarily). It’s made everything a little bit more stressful, which I could do without. But I’m hoping I’ll work it out at some point! 


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