Dreams take 2

A friend asked for a dreams post based on the type of dreams you have when you’re asleep, rather than aspirational ones. I have some crazy dreams so thought why not! 

There’s been a couple of times I’ve dreamt about something and then it’s happened. I’m just putting it out there that I in no way think that I can predict the future and I’m putting it all down to coincidence. I dreamt that there would be a tsunami somewhere tropical and that the pope would die (ages ago).

Most teachers have dreams about school, especially when it’s near the start of term. My husband tells me that I still ‘sleep teach’- telling off kids, explaining how to play things etc. When I was teaching sixth form and teaching the same pupils 5 times a week, I used to regularly talk them through their assignments in my sleep apparently…

When I’m not very well, I have a ‘crisis’ dream (as in adrenal crisis). I think it’s my subconscious telling me I need to wake up or I’ll die because if I ignore it and don’t take hydrocortisone when I wake up, I end up in hospital and being admitted. It’s quite a useful dream but it’s a bit weird because part of the dream usually involves me losing consciousness so I have to work out which bits happened and which bits didn’t when I actually wake up. I had one particularly vivid one where I collapsed in tesco next to a display of quality street sweets- I was a little bit freaked out when I went to tesco next and there was a mountain of the boxes next to the door!

I’m really bad for having dreams, having a confrontation with someone and then feeling irrationally annoyed with the person when I next see them in real life. I don’t usually remember what the dream was about though, so can never work out why I’m feeling so grumpy! 

I used to sleep walk, which means I’ve done lots of random things in my sleep. Once I stood on my bed and thought I was stood on a cliff and tried to jump over a ravine…and ended up jumping against the wardrobe. Another time I tried to make hot chocolate with just the powder and 3 spoons in a mug in the microwave. The sparks woke me up. I went to have a shower in my sleep once, but still wearing my pyjamas and ended up drenched. I don’t sleep walk as much anymore, thankfully! 


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