A Gift

Day 13 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge is about a gift. I’ve had lots of lovely gifts for birthdays and Christmas but I had to think for a while about this one. My sentiments aren’t necessarily attached to things, they’re attached to people or memories. So photos are more important to me than objects, like gifts. 

On my 10th birthday I was bought a clarinet. I don’t have this clarinet anymore, so it’s a bit weird to be talking about it, but it’s a memory or a symbol of a gift. My grandad bought me it as my first instrument that was mine, rather than his. He was the one who introduced me to music, who let me play piano and organ with him, who took me to concerts, who sang with me… Everything to do with music, my grandad was the one to show me when I was younger. He was the person who understood me the most in my family. 

It was a really old instrument and clunky, but it didn’t matter to start off with. When I knew I was going to study music at university, I saved up to buy a much better clarinet and my grandad came with me to Edinburgh to help me choose. So even though I don’t have the original anymore, the present he bought me 20 years ago was the start of me playing music and all of the great memories attached to it. 

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