My Routine 

Day 12 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge is my routine. My daily routine isn’t the most exciting of routines, but it’s keeping me alive at the moment, which is something to be grateful for! It changes if I go out but this is what I do if I’m at home. I like that I can keep it the same because it makes it a bit easier to predict what I’m going to feel like. 

7.30, 7.45, 8am alarms go off so that I can get out of bed at about 8.15. I try to make sure I’m sitting up when the 8am one goes off. It takes me this long to be able to wake up. 

8.30 breakfast and morning meds time. 

It takes a while for the tablets to kick in so I usually watch TV until about 10am.

10am I try to have a shower most days. If I can, it takes about an hour to shower and cool down/rest afterwards, so I tend to use this time to write blogs on my phone. If I can’t, I watch more TV in my pyjamas.

11am snack time 

11.30 sometimes I do some colouring or knitting or reading.

12.15 Lunchtime. 

12.30 lunchtime meds 

1pm more TV watching or knitting etc

2pm nap time. 

3.30pm cup of tea and snack time 

4.30pm my husband usually gets home from work about now. Hooray for company! 

5pm twice a week I have chiropractor appointments around now so my husband takes me.

5.30 afternoon meds time 

6pm teatime and mealtime tablet. More tv.

7.30pm evening tablets time and, you’ve guessed it, more tv! Sometimes my husband takes me out to places like the park or we do things with friends. 

8pm bath time

8.30pm. I do my calm meditation app

9.30pm before bed meds and tv or reading 

10 ish pain patch and bed time! 

Like I said, not very exciting, and very regimented, but I like the pace of it. 


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