My Inspirations 

Day 6 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge is My Inspirations. I don’t really have an idol or an inspiration who I look up to or who inspires me. I tend to draw inspiration from bits of history, songs/music and the things that people say to me. Here’s a few that have inspired me in some way:

I find the Second World War really interesting as a period of time, particularly the role that women played in it. It was the turning point for a lot of people’s attitudes towards what women can do and just generally everyone was challenged in what they thought they were capable of. I like the idea of always trying to better yourself. 

I like music lyrics which challenge your beliefs. Through time, music has always been a way of challenging people’s views and questioning cultures, from racism, to homophobia, to bullying, to equal rights. There’s a song for everything. ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore is a favourite of mine because it directly links back to the struggle back people faced in America to get equal rights and how people are doing similar things by targeting gay people. 

Songs also resonate with different moods, so you can nearly always find a song which motivates you out of a rut. I particularly like Taylor Swift- she’s had to work hard to get where she is and she’s honest in what she sings about. 

I’ve got a couple of ‘wise’ friends who say things which really make things appear more clearly or make me think about scenarios or situations in a different way. I’m quite good at challenging my own perspective as it is, so I find it really interesting to hear their views on things. 

I always try to see every perspective in situations I come across, probably because I spent a lot of time doing that with the pupils I taught. So my inspirations are those who provide me with a different insight and perspective. 

#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

One thought on “My Inspirations 

  1. aureliebumpblush1 says:

    I completely agree with you, I love having conversations with people who challenge me and provide me with a different insight and perspective like you said. It’s really important to have an open mind!

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