My Funny Moments

Day 7 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge is my funny moments. I do lots of ‘funny’ things without realising (or remembering), mostly because I’m clumsy. But here are some of my ‘finer’ ones that I’ve talked about to my husband in the last few days.

The first is about quick thinking and reflexes. One time, me and my brother went sledging on the golf course on the hill behind my grandad’s house. It was a lot more icy than I realised and I found myself hurtling towards the fence/tree line at a pretty sharpish speed, I would have broken a few bones if I’d hit it. Somehow I managed to jump it over a ditch, aim for the back gate and kick it open so that I crashed into a bush in the back garden instead. It still makes me laugh thinking about it, but it was my reflexes that saved me! 

I spend a fair amount of time in hospital and I try to find the humour in it. I’m not overly coordinated as it is and become less so when ill. But I also get a lot more stubborn and insist on doing things for myself. Once when I was hooked up to an IV with a couple of bags connected to one arm and another bag on the other with a pump (so a power cable as well), I insisted to the healthcare that I didn’t need his help when changing from the gown into pyjamas. So I tried and got to a point where I was so tangled up in IV/pump wires and in the least dignified position possible that I sat on the floor of the bathroom and laughed while having a rest. I could have cried but laughing is better. I worked it out eventually. I like that I can find moments like that funny.

I used to tell new year 7s that I’d worked really hard over the summer holidays and got my mind-reading degree. I obviously hadn’t, but have you ever tried to manage 30 pupils with instruments working in 6 different rooms/spaces and giving off the illusion of being omnipresent? Even the best classes would still be tempted by their mobile phones. The trick was to wait until one room went unusually quiet, burst in and say ‘and you doubted my mind reading skills?! I’m going to give you the chance to own up now rather than me having to prove myself further!’ Usually one would own up to doing something ‘wrong’ and if not I could mostly guess it by the their reactions. It worked every time, word got out quick and pupils tended to do what they were meant to be doing even if I couldn’t see them. I’m quite good at using my humour or funny moments to manage to diffuse situations- it’s come in handy many times.

I try to find things to laugh about in most situations if I can. Definitely preferable to taking things too seriously 🙂 

#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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