My Family

Day 5 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge is My Family. I was quite lucky growing up in that I lived at home with my parents and brother. I don’t live geographically close to my family now, which means I don’t see them often.

My husband is my family I see ever day. He does literally everything for me- cooking, shopping, cleaning, washing, tidying… So I’m grateful for him in that respect. Although that makes him sound like he’s some kind of house elf… He tells (silly) jokes to cheer me up when I’m feeling grumpy. He makes up words when he can’t think of the right one, which makes me roll my eyes, but nearly always makes me laugh. I was feeling quite isolated recently being stuck in the house so he did a lot of little things which cheered me up. Most importantly, he knows when to bring home cake if I’ve had a bad day! 😉 If anything breaks, he can fix it without getting angry, which is actually a brilliant (and necessary) quality for our relationship because I’m clumsy and accidents happen a lot. He puts up with my endocrine meltdowns and knows when to leave me alone or when I want company. He’s incredibly patient when he has to explain for the 95th time how the sky box works (I’d have killed me by now). There are lots of things that I’m grateful for in my husband, but it’s his sense of humour, the fact that he’s always there and kindness that I’m most grateful for.


#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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