My Friends

Day 4 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge is My Friends. I have some awesome friends who help me out, cheer me up and we have some great times together. I have three friends who deserve a special ‘shout out’ in particular because we talk every day.

It has not been a fun few years. I’ve gone from completely healthy to disabled and not really functioning at all. Lots of ‘friends’ (none of the awesome ones) have either vanished or flit in and out, but these ones have always been around to help me (drag me) through whatever’s come up. It might sound like our friendships revolve around hospitals- they don’t, but this is where they’ve really shown me how awesome they are. 

One is one of my longest friends and an ex-housemate. It’s really hard to feel sad around him because he has a cheery personality. He usually also says funny things (whether he means to or not!) which lighten whatever mood. Whenever I’m in hospital, he always comes to visit. Like every time, and it really cheers me up. When I was admitted for 2 weeks to a hospital 25 miles away, he came every day. He’s taken me to hospital, helped call an ambulance or come and bailed me out of hospital in the middle of the night when my husband’s been out of town with work, more times than I can count. He makes me laugh whenever I see him. He’s a really great friend. 

The second one is one of my newest friends who also happens to be a nurse. Even though we’ve only known each other a few years, we’re still close friends (and not just because he’s a nurse)- length of time doesn’t matter with some friendships. Like friend number 1, he always visits me in/takes me to hospital if I need it. But he also helps me out with his nursing expertise. For a while, he was one of the few medical people who ‘believed’ what I was experiencing was a ‘real’ problem, which, aside from my stubbornness, saved my life. The illness I eventually got diagnosed with is rare, which means lots of medics didn’t know what they should be looking for so dismissed my symptoms for a long time. My friend did hours of research and talking to me about it to try and work it out. He kept me alive during my wedding when I was really unwell, and a lot of other times since then too, all without making me feel bad and with a sense of humour that makes it easier to deal with… I could spend ages listing all the stuff he’s done to help me and there’s probably more he’s done to help me without me knowing, but I wouldn’t do it justice. I’m really, really grateful for everything. Another friend who makes me laugh no matter what. 

The third friend is another person who I’ve only known a short amount of time, but, like friend number 2, time doesn’t matter. I talk to her every day via messages – she’s the first person I speak to most mornings (apologies to my husband!). Our love of pizza is what originally brought us together, but our friendship doesn’t just revolve around what we eat (although it is a favourite topic). She makes me laugh with our chats and it’s just a really easy friendship- I don’t worry about what I say, I know she understands  me. I love our chats!

I have lots of other friends who are also amazing people, and I’m really grateful for their company and chats. Thank you to those people too. 🙂

The three I mentioned, and the others, have been around in what have been some scary situations but also some really exciting times too. For the good times and the bad, I’m really grateful for my amazing friends 🙂


#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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