Week 6: 30 Before 30

Slightly more productive on achieving things this week on my 30 before 30 list. Here’s how I got on in week 6:

3. Make a wearable piece of clothing Last week I bought the pattern, this week I cut out the pattern to the right size, and then cut out the fabric pieces. It’s slow progress because I can’t physically do it much in one day (who knew cutting was the same for me as a cardio workout for anyone else?!). I didn’t manage to cut the pieces out myself, my husband had to do it for me. I think it still counts…


18. Read all of the Harry Potter Books in Order. I finished off The Order of the Phoenix and started the Half Blood Prince. I’m about half way through this one now.


22. Host a Raclette Party. We had 3 friends over and had a raclette party this week! I wasn’t able to make everything myself remotely, but a friend came round to help (and did most of it). I sat at the table and chopped things up and she cooked it all. We made chorizo, meat, potatoes, garlic mushrooms and cream of spinach.


23. Listen to BBC Proms I didn’t do an awful lot of listening this week, but I finished listening to the Jazz proms I started listening to last week.

25. Play Pokemon Go. I played a lot of Pokemon this week. This is mostly helped by the fact that my husband managed to find a cheap wheelchair on Ebay and can now take me to the park in the evenings for some fresh air. Which makes me feel about 90, so I bring my average age down by playing pokemon at the same time! This week I hatched an egg, learnt how to fight in a gym, revived and healed my pokemon and caught some new pokemon which weren’t just the rat and hippo looking one.



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