Week 5: 30 Foods Before 30

I was a bit more successful this week in finding foods, and repeated some! Here’s how I got on in week 5 of 30 Foods Before 30

5. Lobster I had a burger and lobster meal in a steakhouse which meant I could try lobster. It was nice, not a favourite but definitely worth eating again. It tasted a bit like every other seafood I’ve tried so not sure why lobster is supposed to be the best though! 

9. Nutella Krispy Kreme On the way back from my lobster dinner I was having issues balancing out my blood sugar so needed something with both carbs and sugar. Nutella Krispy Kreme to the rescue! This one was a repeat but still good.

10. Raclette I hosted a raclette party this week. We had the normal raclette things like potatoes and meat, but also garlic mushrooms, cream of spinach, chorizo and different cheeses. I mostly chopped things up since I can’t stand up and actually cook, so big thanks to my friend who did most of the preparation! 

Not on my list, but definitely worth eating as it’s probably the best meal I’ve ever had: duck ‘n’ waffle. A friend made it, which makes it more impressive, but it’s basically duck and waffle and a whole load of other things that you wouldn’t think work together but really do! 

Banner photo: Google images 


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