I. Hate. Tapering.

I hate tapering from my Stress Dose to my Baseline. It:

– gives me pins and needles and numbness which hurt

– makes my heart miss out beats and add extra ones in

– makes me paranoid and worry incessantly about things

– makes me cry for no reason

– wakes me up a lot at night 

– makes my limbs feel like they’re moving through tar

– makes my bones feel like they’re on fire

-makes me super grumpy

It makes all my ‘normal’ symptoms worse:

– I have worse stomach ache

– my brain fog is foggier

– I feel like I’m about to pass out constantly 

– my fatigue is more tiring 

– I get more anxious and depressed 

– I find noise and light harder to deal with 

– it makes my pain worse  

– it means I wake up more and can’t go back to sleep when I wake up

– I need to eat more

– I can’t stand up or walk as far 

– it makes my insides vibrate more

– I feel like I’m talking a foreign language more than usual 

– my mood is generally a lot worse

– it makes it harder to breathe

– I forget more 

– I feel more sick 

– I get more cramps and spasms

– my skin feels too small and itches more than usual 

– my temperature goes up and down quickly 

– I find it harder to make decisions 

– I need to sleep a lot

-I get more clumsy

I. Hate. Tapering. It’s the hardest thing to deal with.


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