Week 5: 30 Before 30

I haven’t had a great week with my Adrenal Insufficiency, meaning I spent a lot of time in bed or lying down. But here’s what I did manage to achieve on my 30 things before 30 list this week:

3. Make a wearable piece of clothing. Sewing has been put on hold since my last hospital admission, as I’ve not been well enough to do it. Last week I bought a skirt pattern online which is supposed to be suitable for beginners, so I’ll hopefully be starting that soon!


14.Learn to play Mvt II Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven) all the way through. I can now play the bars I couldn’t play last week. But that’s as much as I managed to learn this week!


18.Read all of the Harry Potter books in order. I’m about 20 pages short of finishing the Order of the Phoenix and will be moving onto Half Blood Prince soon after.

hp 5

23.Listen to BBC Proms concerts. I spent a lot of time asleep or wanting quiet this week. So listening to music kind of got put on the back burner. I did listen to some of the Mahler prom and started listening to the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of GB prom this week though.



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