Week 4: 30 Things Before 30

It’s been a month since I wrote my list of 30 things to do before 30. Here’s how I got on this week:

6. Sell at a craft fair. I’ve been making Christmas stockings, I’m up to 4 now. 

11. Do yoga outside. Yoga is definitely out at the moment. However, a friend told me about Tai Chi so I downloaded a free app and have been doing some of the things on there. It’s a bit like my physio and I can do it as and when I feel like it. I did some outside in the garden the other day! 

14. Learn to play Mvt II Sonata Pathetique all the way through. I tried it again this week. I can still play the first page, but I got stuck part way through the second one trying to  remember accidentals. Particularly this bar:

18. Read all of the Harry Potter books in order. I finished the Goblet of Fire and I’m now onto the Order of the Pheonix. I fell asleep reading it and dropped it on my face- it’s a heavy book! 

23. Listen to Proms concerts. I only listened to one this week, featuring Rhim, Strauss and Mozart. It was a good concert though, and the orchestra played the Mozart entirely from memory!  

25. Play Pokemon Go. This week I played Pokemon with a friend in town- she told me about a spot where you can sit on a bench and Pokemon come to you! She also taught me about eggs, raspberries and how to evolve. Then I played in the park (another spot where they come to you) and sainsburys. It’s going to take me a long time to hatch my egg since I can’t walk far! I tried playing at the hospital, because apparently there are lots of Pokemon in other hospitals, but not my one sadly.

26. Eat tapas. This week we had Italian tapas. It was pretty good but I think I still prefer Spanish tapas.


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