Week 3: 30 Foods Before 30

It’s the end of the third week of me working through my 30 Foods Before 30 list. Here’s how I got on:

12. Tapas This week I tried a different take on tapas and had Italian tapas. It was basically tiny meals or aperitif courses which you could pick and choose from. I had Risotto, spicy sausage and chilli with potatoes. All very good! 

19. Gelato I had this at the same restaurant- vanilla and strawberries & cream. I’m keeping it on my list so that I can try some more flavours!

20. Ice-cream float I had lunch with a friend in an American smokehouse this week and we both had ice-cream floats for drinks. She had a coke float and I had a cherry-cream soda. This is probably one of my favourite drinks.

21. Pecan pie At the smokehouse, we also both had pecan pie for dessert. Still one of my favourite puddings!

Banner photo: Google image 

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