Week 2: 30 Foods Before 30

I decided to write a 30 Foods Before 30 list to go with my 30 Things Before 30 List. I didn’t make as much progress in Week 2 as I did in Week 1, but I did eat some amazing foods! Here’s how I got on in Week 2:

18.Real steak I went to Cardiff for the weekend and my friend took us to this really cool Steak House. As well as amazing food, it had interesting pieces of art around the place.



I ate Flat Iron Steak with Mushroom and Tarragon sauce and Sweet Potato Fries. It was amazing! I would never have thought of ordering steak in a restaurant because I always assumed it would be ‘boring’ and just a slab of meat on a plate, but I’m happy to be proved wrong. I ordered it medium-well, at the recommendation of my husband. Which was a good idea since his medium came out still bleeding, which I would not have liked!

30. Sweet Potato Fries These accompanied my steak. And they were also really, really good!


Photo: Steak and Sweet Potato Fries, Steak of the Art, Cardiff

My friend bought me one of these, and I highly recommend trying them! If you like peanut butter and white chocolate, they’re a must.


Banner Photo: Google Images. Other photos taken by me.


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