Week 1: 30 Foods Before 30

Last week, I decided to write a 30 Foods Before 30 list to go with my 30 Things Before 30 List. Here’s how I got on in the first week:

9. Nutella Krispy Kreme 

This was amazing. Nutella in a doughnut, brilliant combination! With hazelnuts on top.


12. Tapas

We didn’t have Tapas from Spain, but it was really, really good. We had a set menu with lots of traditional dishes and added some more in. We tried:

Huevos rotos- chorizo with potatoes and an egg on top. You pop the egg yolk and then mix it all together. This was probably my favourite.

Pulpo a la Gallega- Steamed octopus with potato and paprika. This was my least favourite. It tasted a bit like squid (obviously) but the texture put me off a bit, it was too chewy and slimy.

Croquetas de jamón- breaded and fried ham and bechamel bites. These were very tasty!

Pan con alioli- bread and garlic butter.

Tortilla de patatas – potato omelette basically. Really filling and good with the garlic butter.

chorizo a la sidra- chorizo in cider. Dipping the bread in the sauce went down well.

Paella Valenciana- Paella with squid, prawn and some other things we couldn’t work out. We were a bit surprised it came black coloured!

Torreznos con mojo dulce- this was disgusting! But I don’t like pork belly so that’s why. My husband and friend both liked it though.


14. ‘Proper’ loose leaf tea

A friend made me some white tea from loose leaves in a very funky teapot. It was really nice, and I didn’t have to put any sugar or milk in it to drink it, which is strange for me! It reminded me of green tea in its taste, and was like very pale (or white) tea in colour.


23. Octopus

We had this as part of the tapas meal. My husband and another friend assure me that it tastes better and there’s a lengthy cooking process involved. So I think I’ll hold off judgement until I have another try.

28. Churros 

I loved these. They’re like light, thin, cinnamon doughnuts (without a filling), served with melted chocolate. So very similar to a nutella doughnut! It’s a great pudding because it didn’t feel greasy or too rich, but was still sweet so satisfied the ‘pudding’ part of my stomach.


I have a friend who’s more of a food expert than me, and he suggested adding to my list:

  • Chicken Pad Thai (this would count in Thai food)
  • Miso soup
  • Pulled pork
  • Spare ribs
  • Duck and Waffles
  • Sea Bass
  • Calamari

This obviously makes my list longer than 30 foods, but I shall keep an eye out for these things too!

Banner photo from Google Images


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