Week 2: 30 Before 30

Second week of attempting my 30 Things Before 30 List. Here’s how I got on:

3. Make a wearable piece of clothing. I haven’t done this yet, but I got the sewing machine back out after a break of a few weeks and made a zipless cushion, so I’ve made some progress!


14. Learn to play Mvt II Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven) all the way through. I can play page 1 of 3 now. Most of that is muscle memory from before I developed an endocrine problem, so recall rather than learning. But I’m happy with that.


15. Make my own fruit juice for breakfast. Big tick next to this one- this one is complete! 🙂 This morning I made peach, apricot and mango juice for breakfast, and it was good!



16. Practise Spanish in an actual situation. I haven’t completed this one, but we went out for Tapas, and I worked out a lot of the foods on the menu without looking at the English and ordered them using the Spanish names. Javier the waiter said I had a good accent, which I will take as a compliment, even if he was just hoping for a big tip! We had the Clásico set menu with huevos rotos, pulpo a la Gallega and croquetas de jamón.IMG_6169

18. Read all of the Harry Potter books in order. I’ve finished The Philospher’s Stone and have read most of The Chamber of Secrets.


23. Listen to BBC Proms concerts. I listened to fewer proms concerts this week, but I got a bit side tracked by some good ClassicFm podcasts. This week I listened to Prom 11: Child of Our Time by Tippett, which we performed at uni so that was quite interesting; and Prom 12: 10 pieces, which was mostly aimed at school children, but had some good pieces in it too.

26. Eat tapas. I can also tick this one off! Although I’m happy to do it again, it was so good! My husband and I met a friend and went for Tapas in Birmingham. We had lots of traditional Spanish dishes, and then Churros for pudding (obviously)!



This lovely sunset finished off the evening perfectly!



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