Star Trek Beyond

I’m not a fan of Science Fiction films. I find them to be pretty much the same- aliens take on humans, long fight scenes, someone has to sacrifice themselves for the ‘good of humanity’ because the only way they can be saved is if someone is left behind/goes outside/gets locked in with *the* button (or lever) which the fate of humanity is hinging on. I have way too much empathy to cope with that, and all the other people dying.

That said, Star Trek Beyond was a pretty good film. The crew of the Enterprise go on a mission to find a distress signal, where they end up being attacked by evil aliens led by Krall, and crash land on a planet. They then have to get off the planet and get back to the space base before the aliens destroy that too. The Enterprise crew wins. There was a hint of ‘sacrifice’ a couple of times, particularly at the end, but it was all fine (phew).

I liked this film because the characters actually have character-lines and a sense of humour. It wasn’t just lots of fighting which my eyes can’t keep up with, and I found it quite interesting how they portrayed a futuristic civilisation in space. They introduced a new charatcer, Jaylah, who was also in the same boat (or ship)- crash landed on the same planet, trying to get off. She helped the team, and will most likely be in future films. I liked her description of rap as a ‘beat with shouting’. Her ship ended up being the very old USS Franklin, which helped Starfleet put to bed the mystery surrounding its disappearance.

Some of the reviews said the film was a bit predictable, which I would agree with in the sense that most Sci-fi films follow the plotline outlined above. But it was easy to follow and understand, and had sub-plots which made sense: there’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a film and thinking ‘yeah it was good, but I have no idea what the point of half of it was’. Some critics also disapproved of Sulu being portrayed as gay, but it was so subtly indicated in the film that I barely noticed. And also, why can’t he be gay?!

I didn’t get bored, the opposite actually, and I didn’t feel traumatised by the amount of deaths and sacrifices going on (although I did shut my eyes a few times), so overall, I enjoyed this film!


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