30 Foods Before 30

Last week, I wrote a 30 Things to do Before 30 list. A friend and I were joking that we should do a 30 foods to eat before 30 list, and then decided it was such a good idea, I’d do that too! I love food, it’s one of the few things I can do/enjoy at the moment, and I like trying new things. I asked for some suggestions, but also did some of my own research. It’s also perhaps subject to change, like the other list (it depends on whether I get better suggestions!). Here are 30 foods I’ve either never eaten, or foods I’ve eaten before and want to make a point of eating again before I’m 30:

1. Biscuits and gravy– American Style

2. Musakhan jajj– A Palestinian dish composed of roasted chicken baked with onions, sumac, allspice, saffron, and fried pine nuts served over  bread

3. Freak shake – very cool and exotic looking milkshakes 

4. Wood ants – they featured in a meal my friend had recently, which she’s been raving about. I’m not convinced yet!

5. Lobster 

6. Khachapuri – georgian bread

7. Ceviche  – I’m not sure if me eating raw fish is a good idea yet though.

8. Kleftico – Greek lamb 

9. Nutella Krispy Kreme 

10. Raclette – I’ve eaten a lot of raclette before, it was a regional dish in the town I lived in in France. But I love it! And it ties in well with one of my 30 things to do before 30.

11. Afternoon tea – I had afternoon tea on my hen party, but it was fun and I want to have it again.

12. Tapas – I’ve had it before, but don’t remember much of it. And it’s also on my other list.

13. Alcoholic ice lollies 

14. ‘Proper’ loose leaf tea 

15. Tartiflette- same as number 10.

16. Dosas  I had these in India when we went for a wedding, but a friend had some recently and now I want to eat them again!

17. Tagine – I’m pretty sure I’ve had this, but can’t remember.

18. Real steak – I’ve never really eaten steak in a restaurant. I don’t think Harvester counts!

19. Gelato 

20. Pecan pie – Had it before, but it’s good.

21. Mississippi mud pie 

22. Ice cream float-Had it before, but it’s good.

22. Hot dog – Never had a proper one.

23. Octopus 

24. Thai food– The same friend talking about Dosas has also put this in my head.

25. Chowder

26. Mussels – Same as the other French reasons.

27. Wood fired pizza 

28. Churros – same as tapas! 

29. Jerk chicken – Mostly an excuse to go to a really good Caribbean restaurant again.

30. Sweet potato fries – I may be a bit obsessed with these….!

If you have any suggestions, I can always substitute or add them to my list!

Photo: From a Google Search.


14 thoughts on “30 Foods Before 30

  1. Dorian D-W says:

    If you can’t make it to Dixie for some real biscuits and gravy, I recommend trying this recipe:

    I ended up using only 300g flour for my version, and needed closer to 300ml buttermilk to get the dough to stick together properly, but the technique in the recipe is spot on (and really important!).

    I don’t actually like gravy, so can’t recommend a recipe for that, except that if you decide to add sausage, use McDonalds breakfast sausages, as those are pretty much exactly the type of sausage they’d use over here 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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