Week 1: 30 Before 30

Last week, I decided to write a 30 Things Before 30 List. Here’s how I got on at the end of the first week.

9. Go for a picnic in a park or forest. My husband went to Sainsbury’s while I was at a medical appointment and we went to sit in the park and have a picnic. It was really good weather and pretty quiet and peaceful, sitting underneath a tree in the shade. I won’t say that I’ve ‘done’ this completely, because I still like the idea of a picnic in a forest too!

18. Re-read Harry Potter in order. I borrowed the set of books off a friend and started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on Friday. I’ve so far read 100 pages, mostly while sat outside, which has been lovely! 

23. Listen to Proms Concerts. I’ve quite enjoyed doing this. Instead of going to bed for a lie down or a nap in the afternoon, I’ve laid down on a picnic blanket in the garden, listened to proms concerts and cloud watched. This week I listened to: the First Night of the Proms; Prom 3 which included Mozart, Haydn and Fauré; Chamber Music with Debussy, Dutilleux and more Mozart; Prom 4 Ravel and Rachmaninov; Prom 6 Gospel Prom, and Strictly Prom. I did start to listen to one with a Beethoven Mass and some Poulenc but decided that if I made it a ‘you must listen to them all’ thing, it might become a chore and become less fun. Just because I have time, doesn’t mean I have to spend it on things I don’t love as much! Definitely not ‘done’, but a good start.

25. Go Pokemon Hunting. A friend and I planned to do this, and then an impromptu BBQ meant that there were more people to play too! This is most definitely not ‘done’ yet, I want to play in some more places which aren’t just my garden and the street outside, but it was still good fun. Particularly when we realised we were fighting some kids, but had to ask for help because we didn’t know all the rules. I guess it’s not really meant for 30 year olds! 


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