I loved this film. It was funny, had a good balance of action to dialogue, wasn’t too long and had some awesome characters.

When ghosts start to appear in New York, Scientists Abby and Erin join forces with Holtzmann, an engineer, and Patty, a New York City expert to firstly convince officials that ghosts do actually exist, and secondly, to eliminate them from the city. They hire a lovely but pretty useless receptionist, Kevin, to ‘help’ them with their work, who later becomes possessed by a ghoul, which complicates their power-struggle with the phantoms somewhat.

I read several online blogs beforehand about the film, some saying that they approved of the ‘girl power’ gender-role reversal, some saying they thought it ruined it. I’m all for females being strong characters and existing in films for more than just the purpose of being ‘saved’ by a male leading character, but I didn’t actually see them as four women kicking out ghosts. Gender didn’t really come into it for me, they were Ghostbusters doing a cool job, who also happened to be women. Likewise with Kevin, there was nothing weird about his role or his job as the receptionist, he was ‘just Kevin’. This was clearly down to great directing and producing.

The music score was great. It kept the original theme, which appeared throughout, with hints of either the bass riff or the main hook in the score. I thought it was a great mix of more ‘popular’ sounds and an orchestral backing.

Holtzmann was my favourite character because she was clever, witty and completely unafraid. There were glimpses of the original film, by including the actress who played the original receptionist as a new character. I loved the dance scene, which is shown in the end credits, starring Kevin. This was originally supposed to be in the main film itself, but didn’t go down well in test screenings, so it was cut. I’m glad it wasn’t cut completely though!


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