To My ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner),

I like you. I know I like you, so I was relieved to find you doing the open surgery today. But I also know I make your life massively more complicated when I come in for an on-the-day appointment: there’s no chance for you to prepare or read up about me and the reason why I’ve turned up unexpectedly possibly isn’t an easy one to fathom. 

But you were great. You spent 40 minutes just with me, and an hour and a half with other staff combined. You looked visibly worried and stressed, but I didn’t feel like it was because I was annoying you or making you stressed, more you you felt you weren’t doing the best for me (which you were). 

You listened to my story, immediately said ‘this is a complex medical problem but I’ll give you the choice as to what we do’ and gave me options. You acknowledged that I know my body and if I say something is wrong, there probably is, even if it’s not obvious. You admitted the extent of your knowledge and asked questions when you weren’t sure. You didn’t just fob me off and hope I was ok over the weekend, nor did you send me up to hospital GPAU ‘just in case’ for me to become some else’s problem. You rang the hospital and spoke to an endocrinologist.

You let me listen to the conversation so I could correct anything that you’d misunderstood. You got my baseline/stress dose wrong, but, you’d literally had 30 seconds prior warning to read up about my condition in my notes, so I was pretty impressed with everything else you got right. You explained your rationale and worked with him to come up with a plan. 

You acted on what the endocrinologist said, translating the bits I hadn’t understood, taking the time to summarise for me even though you were now really late for other patients. You arranged a blood test with the HCA and made a point of personally coming to collect the samples to make sure they went in the collection, saying they’d get checked later that day. You immediately went to the GP to make sure there wasn’t anything else you’d missed. You said you’d try to contact me later in the day, regardless of whether I need admitting over the weekend or not, to tell me the outcome. You’re a really good advocate for your patients. 

I like and trust you because at the point where everything was going wrong and I was struggling to get people to believe me a while ago, you were the one who said ‘I believe you, I’m sending you to GPAU on a whim, but I believe you’. That was the start of things getting better for me. I like and trust you even more after today.


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