My Favourite Time of Day

Morning has always been my favourite time of day. I used to like getting up early in the morning and the feeling of watching the world waking up that came with it. In the countryside, I liked the sounds of birds and the mist hanging over the grass, in the city I liked the quiet turning into bustle as people got ready for their working day. Have you ever people watched in rush hour? It’s really interesting watching people’s routines and the way they interact with each other (or don’t, in some cases). When I started work, I liked my morning drive- listening to the radio, being out in the different types of weather. I also really liked de-icing my car, I don’t know why, I guess because I liked the cold weather and it was a bit of a challenge?!

I used to wake up early to do some kind of exercise before going to work or Uni. In the Summer, it was running, particularly while I lived in France and had more time. In the Winter, it tended to be a fitness DVD. Once I’d done that, I’d shower, eat breakfast and head to work. I loved being in school by about 7.15am because I could get so much done. Nobody else would be in except for the cleaners, so very few distractions, plenty of access to the photocopier, and I got to watch some awesome sunrises from my classroom. It meant I could leave earlier than the average teacher at the end of the day as well.

That stopped when I started having symptoms of Adrenal Insufficiency. Getting up is hard. It takes me about 45 minutes from waking up before I can get out of bed, most days. It’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I feel like I’m going to be sick, like I’ve not even slept and pretty dizzy. If I wait a bit, things settle down.

After being in hospital in April, I stopped trying to get up, eat breakfast and get showered and dressed before lunchtime- something which I swore I’d always do, despite being sick. I realised that I was wasting prime energy for the day doing something boring, which, if I wasn’t going anywhere, did it really matter if I got dressed? Once I’ve had my Hydrocortisone at 8am, I have a bit more energy for the next couple of hours than I do at any other point in the day, mostly because the 8am dose is the largest dose. So why waste this energy doing ‘necessary’ things, when I could put it into things I like doing, and actually enjoy some of it?

For example, today I decided I’d get up, take my Hydrocortisone and sit outside in a sun lounger, listening to music while waiting for it to work. Then I did my Calm App, had a cup of tea and my breakfast and had a look at some of the flowers in my garden. People started to go to work soon after, so the noises changed, which I liked listening to. After that, I printed some pictures from June and stuck them into my scrapbook. It’s nearly lunchtime, I’m still not dressed and I feel like I could do with a nap, but I had a good couple of hours feeling a bit more ‘with it’ doing things I wanted to do, and I enjoyed doing them. Ok, so I sat outside in my PJs, with my hair a mess, possibly looking like a nutter, but it was a great way to spend the start of the day, get some sunshine before it got too hot, and remind myself that morning is still definitely my favourite time of day.



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